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Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW for iPhone and iPad

iOS 11.3.1 download is available now. Apple has officially released the iOS 11.3.1 for all the compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. This latest software update is set to fix an issue with third-party display iPhone display repairs for some models.

ios 11.3.1 ipsw download

Update: iOS 12.1.1 download IPSW final version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The iOS 11.3.1 is meant to fix an unresponsive touch issue with the 3rd-party display repairs for some iPhone models:

“iOS 11.3.1 improves the security of your iPhone or iPad and addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone 8 devices because they were serviced with non-genuine replacement displays.

Note: Non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. See for more information.”

Other than addressing the third-party display repairs related issue, the release-notes also mentioned that the software update also improves the overall security of the supported iOS devices. The iOS 11.3.1 software update also includes standard performance enhancements.

iOS 11.3.1 software update is now available for download. You can download and install iOS 11.3.1 as an OTA update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. It weighs at around 49.5 MB. Since it is a minor iOS update, you should not go for clean installing it on your device. However, if due to ay reason, you want to fresh install iOS 11.3.1 on your device, download the ioS 11.3.1 ISPW file from the download links below and then follow our guide on how to flash iOS using iTunes.

Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW

You can download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW files by further scrolling down, but we also have dedicated pages with iOS software update files for all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models that Apple has released to date.

Below, you can find the direct download links for iOS 11.3.1 IPSW files. Just make sure to download the correct file that is meant for your device

iPhone iOS 11.3.1 IPSW Links

iPhone 5S: iPhone_4.0_64bit_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 6 Plus: iPhone_5.5_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 6: iPhone_4.7_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 6s: iPhone_4.7_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 6s Plus: iPhone_5.5_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone SE: iPhone_4.0_64bit_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 7: iPhone_4.7_P3_11.0_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 7 Plus: iPhone_5.5_P3_11.0_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 8: iPhone_4.7_P3_11.0_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 8 Plus: iPhone_5.5_P3_11.0_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPhone X: iPhone10,3,iPhone10,6_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw

iPad iOS 11.3.1 IPSW Links

iPad Air: iPad_64bit_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Mini 2: iPad_64bit_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Mini 3: iPad_64bit_TouchID_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Air 2: iPad_64bit_TouchID_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Mini 4: iPad_64bit_TouchID_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Pro: iPadPro_12.9_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Pro 9.7: iPadPro_9.7_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad 5: iPad_64bit_TouchID_ASTC_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen): iPad_Pro_HFR_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad Pro 10.5: iPad_Pro_HFR_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw
iPad 6: iPad_64bit_TouchID_ASTC_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch iOS 11.3.1 IPSW Links

iPod Touch 6G: iPodtouch_11.3.1_15E302_Restore.ipsw

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