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BioProtect and Animone Updated To Fully Support iOS 11 Jailbreak

Two of the most popular and modern jailbreak tweaks have recently been updated to fully support iOS 11 jailbreak ahead of the upcoming Electra RC1 public release with Cydia. These two jailbreak tweaks are Anemone and BioProtect. Both of these jailbreak tweaks are a must have for anyone who is rocking a jailbroken iOS device.

Developers behind Anemone and BioProtect have released compatibility update for both of the packages to support devices running iOS 11 jailbroken with Electra jailbreak.

A couple of days ago, coolstar, the developer behind the Electra jailbreak revealed that the Release Candidate 1 of its jailbreak for iOS 11 will be pushed to select few jailbreak developers and he did exactly that. The purpose of this limited release was to allow jailbreak app and tweak developers to make their packages compatible with iOS 11 and test them before releasing them in Cydia for general public consumption.

An early availability of Anemone and BioProtect soon after the limited release of Electra RC1 to select few developers suggests that the strategy is working well. For those who are not familiar with any of these two jailbreak tweaks, please continue reading.

bioprotect ios 11

BioProtect is developed by Elias Limneos that allows jailbreak users to protect their apps with their biometrics. With this latest update, the BioProtect is now fully compatible with iOS 11 and allows users to use either the Touch ID or the iPhone X users to use Face ID to protect their desired applications.

Anemone effectively replaces the old-school Winterboard allowing the theming and visual customization of a jailbroken device. So, this tweak allows jailbreak users to give their devices a whole new look and feel that Apple otherwise won’t allow you to do.

animone ios 11

If you can’t wait for these tweaks to become available through official Cydia, you can download and install them through a manual installation process or by using Tweak Installer. However, if you want to do it in the proper way, then wait for coolstar to release the public version of Electra RC1 with Cydia. Until then, it’s good to see popular jailbreak tweaks being updated in advance to make them compatible with the iOS 11 jailbroken devices.

We will update you as soon as the Electra Jailbreak bundled with iOS 11 compatible Cydia is released to masses. We will also notify you as soon as a prominent jailbreak tweka or app becomes compatible with iOS 11.

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