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Alleged new ‘A9’ chip details and benchmark scores emerge

Interesting report about Apple’s all new A9 chip which is said to power the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus offers some new details about the chip’s design and the performance. The chip is said to feature system-in-package (SiP) design which will add more components inside the tiny chip.


With SiP design, the tiny A9 chip will include the baseband modem, and power management circuitry. A SiP design, which was first introduced in the Apple Watch, incorporates the entire computer architecture onto a single tiny chip. The purported iPhone 6s schematics suggests the use of SiP architecture for A9 chip that Apple will be using in its next-generation iPhone models.

If the leaked schematics of the iPhone 6s turn out to be accurate, the A9 chip will integrate power management, baseband chip, and a few other components simplifying the motherboard design. Such tighter integration of components due to SiP engineering process results into a fifteen percent smaller A9 chip than the A8 processor, claims the source of these alleged schematics.


Samsung and TSMC are said to be responsible for manufacturing the A9 chip for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus using 14-nanometer process technology, instead of 20-nanometer process used to manufacture A8 processors. The use of smaller process engineering results in smaller transistors and smaller transistors mean that electrons have to travel a shorter distance, hence the chip gains speed and also becomes power efficient.

Other than reporting on the design of the device, another leaked benchmark allegedly puts several yet-to-be-released processor against each other, including Apple’s A9 and A9X, Samsung’s Exynos M1, NVIDIA’s Denver 2, Huawei’s Kirin 950, and LG’s NUCLUN 2.


Both the A9 chip, which is meant for iPhone models, and A9X chip which is destined to make its way into next-generation iPads appears to be quite fast, revealed the alleged benchmarks. The A9 chip scored 2,090 points on a single-core CPU and 3,569 points on a multi-core test (A8’s score is 1610 and 2890) and the A9X processor managed to hit 2,109 and 5,101 points, respectively (A8’s score is 1808 and 4526).

Plese note that we cannot confirm the authenticity of these benchmarks as it is very easy to fabricate such scores so take them with a pinch of salt.




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