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Apple refreshes iPod nano and Shuffle lineup with new color options

Alongside iPod Touch 6g, Apple has also refreshed its iPod nano and shuffle lineup by introducing new color options for both devices. Unlike the iPod Touch refresh, iPod nano and shuffle’s refresh is purely cosmetic with the launch in three new colors without any hardware change.

ipod nano 2015
iPod nano and shuffle music players will now be available in six color options including space gray, red, silver, gold, blue and pink. Last time, it was back in 2012 when Apple had updated its iPod nano and Shuffle lineup and after all these years Apple only refreshes these two music player by offering new color options.

iPod nano weighs in at around just 31-grams with 76.5 x 39.6 x 5.4mm dimensions and has a 2.5-inch multi-touch capable display. It also comes with Nike+ support and Bluetooth 4.0. It has the ability to watch Tv shows and videos on the display and also has an integrated radio.

ipod shuffle 2015

Other than new color options, there’s nothing changed in iPod nano and shuffle. The iPod nano comes in the same 16GB storage option that will cost you $149, and it requires you to connect it to your computer to transfer the music. The iPod shuffle will still be offered in tiny 2GB capacity and it will still only run you $49.

All of these new iPod devices are available for immediate order through Apple’s online store as well as local retail stores.

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