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iMods: Cydia alternative jailbreak store [video]

Jailbreak community has seen many so-called “Cydia-alternatives” since its birth, but none could come to fruition. There was one called RockYourPhone which was later acquired by saurikIT. iMods is a new Cydia challenger in town. A beta version of iMods has been shown in a video, which shown a sleek and beautiful jailbreak apps store, but the video does not show any installer installing any jailbreak app or tweak.

imods jailbreak store
Cydia has a very loyal followers and it’s so rooted into the jailbreak community that its users won’t switch loyalties. iMods, a new jailbreak store, wanna try out its luck. iMods has come a very long way and may actually be the first real challenge to the might Cydia.

Saurik and his team are quick to respond to new jailbreaks and changes required to make Cydia compatible with new firmware. Saurik and company do a lot of “behind-the-scene” changes to keep our beloved Cydia up and runnign and serve its purpose. But there’s always room for improvements and sometimes it’s time to innovate. And competition is the best driver of innovation.

In the demo video, iMods is hitting Cydia where it hurts – the GUI and the user experience. From the looks, Cydia seems so out-dated, but iMods, on the other hand, has an impressive GUI that makes it like something built to fit in well with the iOS 8 look. Here’s the video demo of iMods – a Cydia alternative jailbreak store.

Any theme installed from iMods store will not be installed using Winteboard, the developer explains. iMods will have its own theme installer app dubbed as “Anemone”

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