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Firewall iP for iPhone Goes 1.2

The first firewall app for iPhone, Firewall iP, has been updated to version 1.2. Firewall iP v1.2 is a major update to the firewall application for iPhone.

Firewall iP notifies iPhone user of any application trying to access the appstore or try to access any personal information like UDID, contacts, etc.

Here’s the list of new features in Firewall iP app for iPhone:

  • WhoIs: when FiP’s main popup appears you’ll see that the hostname is now in a button. when you tap the button a new view will appear containing the the whoIs-info for the domain/IP (if available)
  • allow/deny connection for this session (the connection is allowed/denied till you exit the app)
  • log (can be enabled in the info view; the (i) button on the main screen)
  • a second theme for the popup (can be changed in the info view)
  • if you are in a host view (any allow/deny table) you can now edit the hostnames if you put the table into edit mode (simply tab on the hostname in edit mode).
  • manually add hostnames to allow/deny for an app
  • the allow/deny for an app now supports also the * notation (like global allow/deny). meaning that if you change a hostname to * the host and all subdomains will be affected. if you use * only subdomains will be affected).

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