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How to Find Your iPhone Using Siri

People love to have their iPhones closer to themselves. However, with an increasing number of different types of personal gadgets that connects with the iPhone including the iPad and the Apple Watch, the iPhone had become more of a “base station” for all these devices. Which also means that it has become very easy to […]

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Apple Planning to Teach Siri to Recognise Only Your Voice

In the older versions of iOS, Siri was accessible from the lock screen which was a great security lapse for the user, because anyone could access personal data like pics using Siri. Moreover, after unlocking the device, Siri can answer whatever you want to ask and will respond to you at your every command. In […]

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iOS 9 to bring Visual Improvements to Siri

So far, all we heard about iOS 9 is that Apple’s upcoming major mobile software update will bring speed, stability and bug fixes to the existing huge list of features that Apple adding over the year. However, 9to5mac sources claim iOS 9 to bring visual improvements to Siri – Apple’s personal digital assistant.

Siri vs Google Now – Head-to-Head Comparison [Video]

Back in 2011, Apple unveiled iPhone 4S and Siri, a digital voice assistant, was introduced as one of the killer features. Apple kept on promoting its digital voice assistant in a number of iPhone 4S commercials. But since then, number of competitors have entered the market.

How to Use Siri to Get Directions with Google Maps

After months of rumors and speculations, Google Maps app for iPhone is finally available in the appstore for free. However, unlike default Apple maps app, you cannot use siri to get directions in Google Maps app because it is not the default maps app since iOS 6. However there’s a workaround that makes it possible. […]

Siri vs Microsoft’s Tellme [Video]

Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie claims that their Windows Phone 7 has had Siri feature for over a year, in the form of TellMe and that Siri’s success has been the result of “good marketing”. so TechAU has put TellMe to the test against Siri…