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Apple Sends Out Invites for October 22 iPad Event

AllThingsD, a Wall Street Journal owned blog has reported about Apple holding ipad event on October 22nd to introduce next generation of iPad, iPad mini 2 and to talk about OS X Mavericks. Apple has just sent out invites to select media members for its iPad event being held on October 22nd at the the […]


Apple to hold iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Event on October 22nd

AllThingsDigital, a well-known tech blog operated by The Wall Street Journal, reports that Apple will be holding its next-generation iPad event on Tuesday, Octover 22. The event will reported be iPad focused and major announcements expected during the event include iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, though new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks should […]

RedSn0w Jailbreak is Getting a Major Update

iPhone Dev-Team has announced that RedSn0w is getting a major update very soon. Musclenerd of the dev team has tweeted screenshots of the upcoming new version of RedSn0w, which clearly shows cool new features.

iOS 5 Supports OTA (over-the-air) iOS Updates via 3G Networks

Apple announced OTA (Over-The-Air) iOS updates as part of the iOS 5 features to eliminate the need of a computer to update iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Firmware. However, the keynote only mentioned the delta-style updates over WiFi networks only. Now, 9to5mac has discovered – through the iOS 5 SDK – the mention of over-the-air […]

Official Facebook app for iPad Coming Soon to The App Store?

Facebook is finally about to launch to an official Facebook app for iPad, according to the New York Times. Facebook has been working on an iPad application for approximately the past year and its launch is expected in the coming weeks, New York Times reports.

iPad 2 Jailbreak Has been Achieved!

chpwn, a dev-team member  has just tweeted a photo of jailbroken iPad 2. Yes! you read it right. The all new iPad 2 Jailbreak has been achieved, thanks to Comex. In case you don’t know, Comex is well known for his expertise in userland jailbreaks.

SHAtter and Limera1n Jailbreak Exploits Patched in iPad 2

Now that iPad 2 in out and hackers have already started testing bootrom exploits like SHAtter and Limera1n on iPad 2. Early results from this testing are not in favor of the jailbreak community because both the SHAtter and Limera1n exploits are said to be patched in iPad 2.

iPhone 4 Hacked at Pwn2Own Contest in Vancouver

iPhone was once again exploited by security expert, Charlie Miller, at the Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver. At Pwn2Own contest, Charlie Miller successfully hacked iPhone 4 using a Mobile safari exploit which swipe the address book of the compromised iPhone 4.

Verizon iPhone 4 Flashed to Work on CricKet Wireless

Just like any other iDevice, Verizon iPhone 4 has also been hacked. Folks over at CricKet, has managed to flash iPhone 4 on CricKet carrier and installed some third party MMS software after jailbreaking it. With this hack you can use a Verizon iPhone on Cricket Wireless in the United States.