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Pre-Order Your iPhone 4 Now

Apple is now accepting pre-orders for iPhone 4 for delivery on June 24th. The new iPhone 4 comes in black and white colors but for now only black iPhone 4 is up for pre-orders.

WWDC 2010 Keynote Video

Apple has put the WWDC 2010 keynote video online now. Apple made some great announcements for the iCommunity at this event. Some of the announcements includes: iPhone 4G, the new iPhone, iPhone OS 4.0 renamed to iOS 4, iAd release date, iMovie for video editing, FaceTime for video chat and much more. Steve Jobs Keynote […]

iPhone 4 – The New iPhone

Steve Jobs has introduced iPhone 4, the new iPhone at WWDC 2010. The iPhone 4 looks the same leaked by Gizmodo couple of months ago. But Steve was right, we are not disappointed. Once released, it will be loaded with iOS 4.

WWDC 2010 Keynote Live Coverage

Finally, it’s June 7th, the WWDC 2010 day. Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 4G which will feature latest and greatest iPhone OS 4.0 along with other new innovations at this World Wide Developers Conference. Like always, many tech blogs are covering WWDC 2010 keynote live from San Francisco.

AT&T Enabling iPhone Tethering With iPhone OS 4 [OFFICIAL]

AT&T is Finally enabling iPhone tethering with iPhone OS 4.0 for the US customers. The same day, iPhone users will also be greeted with new data plans including tethering option for $20 per month. AT&T internet tethering support has also been found in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4.

iPhone 4G Screen Resolution Confirmed at 960×640

SuperPhone.cz reports that the iPhone 4G display resolution has been confirmed to be 960×640. The parts of next-gen iPhone has been floating around for a while now and the site has claimed to get their hand onto the iPhone 4G screen and did its microscopic analysis.

iPhone 4G Prototype Running iPhone OS 4?

Yesterday, we reported on the second iPhone 4G prototype found, reviewed, and dissected by a Vietnamese forum. At that time the prototype was running a debug OS. Today the same taoviet forum has come up with another photo of iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4.0 with that steamy wallpaper that came with OS 4.0.

Apple Lost Another iPhone 4G Prototype – New Photos, Teardown, Video

Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone 4G is being considered the biggest leak in the history of Apple when Gizmodo got their hands on to an iPhone 4G prototype last month and reviewed it. It seems like the company well known for its secrecy for upcoming products has lost control over iPhone 4G prototypes and losing it right […]

OpenPwn – Payload Development Platform [Open Source]

In a hope of involving community in developing jailbreaks, DarkMalloc introduces OpenPwn, a simple open source payload. The goal of OpenPwn is to give developers a simple, clear and easy to understand starting point for developing jailbreak. OpenPwn is envisioned to be a place where anyone can contribute to existing payloads, create new ones, or […]

China Approved an iPhone WiFi (WAPI) Model

iPhone offered to the Chinese market since Oct 2009 via China Unicom lacks the WiFi feature. But according to PCWorld, Chinese regulators last month approved the frequency ranges used by a new Apple mobile phone with 3G and wireless LAN support. The device appears to be an iPhone and uses GSM and the 3G standard […]

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone (Screenshots)

Guys at Neowin have got their hands on the screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for iPhone early release which is expected to debut in June along with the Windows Live Wave 4 and a limited private beta is also expected in May.

Google’s Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation App Coming to iPhone

In a London press conference, Google confirmed that it plans to bring its free turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation to the iPhone along with other mobile platforms. Android users are already enjoying the Google’s free turn-by-turn satellite navigation on their phones.