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GV Mobile+ Returns to the AppStore

GV Mobile+, the unofficial Google Voice app for iPhone, by Sean Kovacs, has finally returned to the AppStore which shows that Apple has relaxed some of their AppStore policies. GV Mobile+ in now available in US AppStore for $2.99.

GV Connect: Google Voice App Hits AppStore

The first, unofficial, Google Voice app for iPhone called “GV Connect”  is now available in the AppStore for $2.99. GV Connect allows Google Voice-powered support for calls, SMS, and voicemail. GV Connect is NOT Sean Kovac’s GV Mobile +.

Lockdown Pro: Password Protect iPhone Applications

Lockdown Pro, the paid version of the popular Lockdown ‘free’ app for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available in Cydia. With Lockdown Pro, you can password protect applications on iPhone and iPod Touch just like the free version.

FaceBreak : Enable FaceTime Over 3G Network

FaceBreak, a new jailbroken app, enables FaceTime over 3G network. By default, you can make FaceTime calls over WiFi network only. But once you’ve FaceBreak installed, reboot your iPhone and enjoy FaceTime calls over 3G.

Locktopus : Password Protect Your iPhone Apps

Locktopus, a jailbreak app, lets you password protect your iPhone apps (individually) in order to prevent unauthorized access. Using Locktopus, you can password protect specific application right from the Springboard.

OpenAppMkt: AppStore for Web Based iOS Apps

OpenAppMkt is a new Web-based third-party app store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, like Cydia and Rock. OpenAppMkt consists of Web based apps, completely written in HTML format, which means there’s no need to jailbreak your iDevice in order to install it.