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iphone 7 concept widescreen

iPhone 7 to have same height and width as the iPhone 6s

It has been rumored again and again over past few months that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 won’t offer a radical change from the design and look perspective. Now a newly leak schematic suggests that the upcoming iPhone 7 will boast an identical width and height to the current iPhone 6s.

iphone 7 concept widescreen

iPhone 7 to have a Touch-Sensitive Home Button [report]

A new report from DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based news outlet, claims that Apple will be opting for a touch-sensitive home button for its upcoming iPhone 7. This means that the new iPhone 7 will ditch the physical home button as found on all the current and previous generations of the iPhone lineup.

iphone 7 Concepts

2017 iPhone model to have an All-Glass body with AMOLED display

Ming-Chi Kuo, the trusted KGI securities analyst, in his latest note to investors, claims that Apple will be giving a major redesign to its iPhone model due in 2017. In his recent note to investors, Kuo notes that Apple will be replacing its current aluminum shell in favor of an all-glass body for the 2017 […]

iphone 7 concept widescreen

Leaked iPhone 7 case hints at dual cameras and stereo speakers

While Apple’s next crop of iPhone lineup is still six months away from its unveiling, an alleged case meant for the iPhone 7 has already leaked into the wild. The alleged iPhone 7 case hints at removal of 3.5mm headphone jack, dual camera system and stereo speakers.

iphone 7 Concepts

Apple to introduce OLED Display in iPhone 7s?

Recent rumors suggested that the OLED displays would be making their way into the iPhone lineup by the year 2018 with the launch of iPhone 8. Things, however, seem to have changed and Apple is now said to be planning on making the switch sooner than 2018.

iphone 7 concept widescreen

Crazy new iPhone 7 concept visualizes a flexible widescreen display [Video]

With iPhone 7 just more than 6 months away from its official launch, the concept bandwagon is rolling along just fine. Creating concept designs for unreleased products is not new, but there are some products for which many designers attempts to visualize its upcoming revisions. iPhone is one such device and we have seen an […]

Apple A chip

TSMC wins 100% of the orders for iPhone 7 processors, report claims

While the next-generation iPhone (the iPhone 7?) is still months away from the official unveiling, the rumors mill has already started tossing out tidbits related to what the new iPhone model will come packed with. A recent report claims TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has managed to secure 100% orders for Apple’s A10 chip that […]

iphone 7 Concepts

New iPhone 7 concept shows an incredibly cool design

We often see some awesome pieces of conceptual designs for the future iPhone devices and most of them are impractical but still fanciful. This latest iPhone 7 concept is as unlikely as any other impractical future iPhone concepts, but the designer has made the concept an incredibly cool one by adding a 5-inch secondary display […]