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iPad mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD – Specs Comparison

Now that Apple with iPad mini, Google with Nexus 7, and Amazon with Kindle Fire HD are fighting for the top position in 7-inch tablet market, I think it’s the best time to compare these 7-inch tablets and show you how these tablets compete with eachother and what these tablets has to offer you. Hit […]

iPad Mini Price and Availability

After years of speculation, Apple has finally announced iPad mini. iPad mini has 7.9-inch display, and just like iPad 2 it has A5 processor, 1024×768 pixels resolution, 5MP camera with FaceTime HD, and LTE option. Apple has also announced iPad mini price and availability during the event. Hit the jump to learn about iPad Mini pricing […]

iPad Mini Announced: 7.9-Inch Display, Ships November 2nd

Apple has just announced the iPad mini, a 7.9″ iPad during today’s media event. The iPad Mini comes with 7.9″ display and has the same resolution as that of an iPad 2. The back cover is made out of aluminium and front glass with diamond cut edges.

iPad Mini Mockup: 3D Interactive Model [video]

Since the first rumour about Apple’s 7.85″ iPad mini with slim side bezel on the sides just like an iPod Touch, many iPad Mini mock-ups based on the available information has started to popup. Macrumors, in collaboration with CiccareseDesign, has created a new set of 3D renders and even a 3D model of the iPad […]

iPad Mini 3D Renders Based on Reports and Leaked Schematics

A designer named Maurizio Vitale has created some iPad mini renders based on the rumored size and that it would look look like an iPod Touch. 9to5mac has posted these iPad mini 3D renders. Hit the jump to learn more about the leaked info on iPad mini and the 3D renders…