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iPad 3 Specs

Apple has unveiled iPad 3, the 3rd generation of Apple ipad at an iPad event held in San Francisco, California. iPad 3 specs has got a bump as compared to the iPad 2 specs. Hit the jump for detailed iPad 3 specs…

iPad 3 Price and Release date

Apple has unveiled the New iPad, the 3rd generation of the Apple iPad 3 during an event held in San Franscisco, California. The new iPad brings Retina display, 5MP camera with 1080p video recording, A5x processor and 4G LTE. Hit the jump to learn about iPad 3 price and ipad 3 release dates.

iPad 3 to See a $70-80 Price Increase?

A price list has been shared by a Sina Weibo user which shows that iPad 3 cost premiums over the iPad 2. The rumored price list indicates that the iPad 3 will cost $70-80 more than the 2nd-gen iPad.

iPad 3 Retina Display (2048×1536) Confirmed

Microscopic treatment of the leaked iPad 3 display, by Macrumors, confirms the iPad 3 retina display. After months of speculation, now it appeared to be confirmed that iPad 3 will bring 2048×1536 resolution display up from 1024×768.

iPad 3 High Resolution Sharp Panel Leaked?

Leaked iPad 3 parts are have started appearing all over China. After the leaked iPad 3 back housing, Japanese blog Macotakara has published a photo of high resolution panel, for iPad 3, manufactured by Sharp…

iOS 5.1 Outs iPhone 5, iPad 3, and Apple TV 3

iOS diggers have found some code references in the recently seeded iOS 5.1 beta for iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Apple TV 3. Devices model numbers, as reported by 9to5Mac, includes iPhone 5,1, iPad 3,3, iPad 2,4 and Apple TV 3,1.