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how to backup selecting app data to iCloud

How to Choose What to Backup to iCloud – iPhone and iPad

Apple provides only 5GB of storage for backup for free. If you are limited on iCloud storage space and have not subscribed any paid Apple’s cloud storage options, you can manually choose what app data to sync with your iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad.

iphone unlock

An Indian Student Discovers a Way to Bypass iPhone Activation Lock

An Engineering student has managed to bypass Apple’s secured anti-theft Activation Lock feature on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Hemanth Joseph is a final-year mechanical engineering student in Kochi, India who successfully managed to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock. Joseph had previously been rewarded by Google $7500 for disclosing a bug in […]

How to backup iphone on icloud

How to restore deleted files, contacts, and calendars from iCloud

Apple’s web-based iCloud portal now allows you to restore your deleted data from the iCloud account within a period of time. Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X often gets a host of new features and changes through software updates, but a web-based service getting a useful new feature is a rarity. Using this new feature, users […]

How to backup iphone on icloud

How to create iCloud account

If you own a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may have come across the iCloud option when you first setup your iPhone or iPad. iCloud is Apple’s own cloud based syncing and backup storage solution for iOS, and OS X users. It keeps all your personal data including photos, videos, contacts, apps and more on […]

icloud bypass

Hackers bypass ‘iCloud Activation Lock’ on iPhone and iPad

A couple of hackers claim to have successfully cracked into Apple’s iCloud Activation Lock infrastructure, allowing them to unlock iPhone and iPad that would otherwise can only be unlocked with owner’s Apple ID password. The hackers’ gang has created a tool called ‘doulCi’, that, they claim, can bypass iCloud Activation Lock – Apple’s highly-lauded security […]


iH8Sn0w Releases R0bf0rdsn0w – iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?

iH8Sn0w seems to have released a tool dubbed as “R0bf0rdsn0w“, allegedly an iCloud activation lock bypass. However, he has archived this iCloud activation bypasser tool and made it nearly impossible for most of the people to unarchive it, as it requires to follow some seriously complicated steps to figure out the password required to unarchive […]

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How to set up and use iCloud Keychain on iPhone, iPad, Mac

With the recent iOS 7.0.3 update, Apple introduced iCloud Keychain feature to its mobile operating system allowing users to keep track of their Safari website usernames and password, credit card credentials, WiFi passwords and various other account usernames and passwords so that you need to remember just one password, instead of all. In this guide […]

iCloud Beta Gets iOS 7 Like Flat Design

Apple has introduced the flat UI elements in iOS 7 by getting rid of fake leather and linen characteristic of previous software design. Apple has now unveiled a revamped iCloud.com Beta which features flat design similar to that of iOS 7…

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 5

Just got yourself a new iPhone 5? Looking for the steps to move your data from old iPhone to new iPhone 5? You’re at the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through two simple methods to transfer your old iPhone data to new iPhone. Hit the jump for detailed step-by-step instructions to transfer […]

iWork for iOS Gets the iCloud Support

iWork apps for iOS – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote gets the iCloud support. Apple has updated their iWork for iOS apps to support the new documents in the cloud feature released for OS X Mountain Lion…

iCloud.com Now Live for General Public

This week is one of the busiest weeks for the folks at Apple. Mutiple major software updates are to be pushed, including iOS 5, and iCloud, a major cloud storage and sync service from the house of Apple.