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AT&T Offers FaceTime over Cellular for LTE iOS 6 Devcies

AT&T has announced that their subscribers, with iOS 6 LTE enable devices, will be able to use FaceTime over Cellular, at no extra charge, as long as they are on a tiered data. Previously, AT&T had limited the use of FaceTime over LTE to Mobile Share plan subscribers only.

How to Enable FaceTime Over 3G on iOS 5

FaceTime, at the time of its availability, required a WiFi connection. However, FaceTime over 3G was enabled with a Cydia tweak back then. Some of the iOS 5 builds had FaceTime over 3G enabled by default, now it turns out that final iOS 5 also includes FaceTime over 3G it’s just turned off.

New iPhone 4 Commercials: “AirPlay” and “FaceTime”

Apple has released two new iPhone 4 commecials named “AirPlay” and “FaceTime”. Continuing their new “if you don’t have an iPhone” campaign, the FaceTime commercial demos iPhone-to-iPhone, iPhone-to-Mac and iPhone-to-iPad video calling.

iPad 2 Comes with Photo Booth and FaceTime

The iPad 2 will comes with Photo Booth and FaceTime apps loaded. The Photo Booth app on iPad 2 will let you see 9 video streams at once, thanks to its faster processor and graphics. FaceTime will let you call other iPad, iPhone 4 and Mac owners.

Camera, FaceTime, Photo Booth for iPad 2, Confirms iOS 4.3 Beta 2

An image found in the iOS 4.3 beta 2 confirms that Camera, FaceTime and PhotoBooth are coming to the iPad 2. MacRumors found an image named homeScreenOverlayFaceTime~ipad.png in the latest iOS 4.3 beta 2 firmware and is used by iOS to show a preview of your wallpaper selection. Notice the new icons for Camera, FaceTime, […]

Make FaceTime Call Over 3G on iPhone 4 with My3G

Now you can make FaceTime video calls over 3G network with My3G. My3G for iPhone 4, a jailbroken app, lets you FaceTime over 3G. My3G is exactly similar to 3G Unrestrictor, only difference is the FaceTime on 3G support. By default, Apple won’t let you make FaceTime calls over 3G network.

Fix FaceTime / MMS Issue on iPhone 4 After Using JailbreakMe 2.0

There are numerous reports on FaceTime / MMS issues on iPhone 4 after jailbreaking with JailbreakMe 2.0 “Star”. After jailbreaking iPhone 4 with JailbreakMe 2.0, FaceTime and MMS stopped working for some users. Within a few hours, we have a fix for MMS / FaceTime problem, thanks to Comex and the Dev-Team.