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How to Install Facebook app for iPad [Guide]

The official Facebook app for iPad is still in development and rumors of its availability have been making rounds from day 1. However, the jailbreak users can install Facebook app for iPad (the official unreleased version) right now! Hit the jump to learn; how to install Facebook app for iPad…

Official Facebook app for iPad Coming Soon to The App Store?

Facebook is finally about to launch to an official Facebook app for iPad, according to the New York Times. Facebook has been working on an iPad application for approximately the past year and its launch is expected in the coming weeks, New York Times reports.

Facebook 3.3.1 for iPhone Hits the AppStore

Facebook 3.3.1 for iPhone is now available for download in the App store. Facebook 3.1.3 app for iOS comes with new Groups interface, Deals, and the ability to tag friends and add photos after you check-in with Places.

Export Video to Facebook Coming in iOS 4?

9to5mac has found evidence of export video to Facebook feature in iOS 4.0 firmware. The code found in iOS 4 GM reveals that Apple is planning to include export video for Facebook from iPhone.

Apple Integrating Facebook into iPhone OS?

Apple is planning to integrate Facebook features into the iPhone OS 4.0, according to Business Insider sources. Business Insider thinks that Apple is going to build Facebook contact syncing directly into the iPhone software, and also planning to integrate Facebook Connect directly into its software developers kit.