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Hide Your iPhone Dock and Status Bar with SBSimplify

SBSimplify, by EyeDevs, is a new iPhone tweak that lets you hide your iPhone dock and status bar. With this cool tweak, you can set any LibActivator action to hide, or show the Dock and Status bar in a fluid and intuitive way, right on your HomeScreen. The icons are automatically positioned to fit your […]

iBlueNova Hits the Cydia Store

iBlueNova, the successor of iBluetooth app is now available in Cydia and supports latest iPhone Firmware. iBluetooth is the first iPhone app by MeDevil for jailbroken iPhone to transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth which was only available on the iPhone 2.x firmware. iBlueNova perform the same function and let you transfer files using Bluetooth […]

Resize Your iPhone Springboard Icons with Shrink

Shrink is a new iPhone tweak available in Cydia that let you resize your iPhone’s Springboard icons. Shrink downscales your SpringBoard icons so that you can fit more on one page! When using Shrink, there’s no need to create a small size icons set, SSH into iPhone and transferring icons to iPhone.

Overboard Goes 1.1

Overboard, the Springboard Expose app for iPhone has been updated to version 1.1. Overboard is a Springboard Expose app for iPhone developed by Ryan Petrich, the developer of Clippy and ProSwitcher. Using Overboard you can view an overview of all your Springboard pages and jump between those pages. Overboad also extends your iPhone Springboard page […]

Download ProSwitcher Multitasking App for iPhone

Ryan Petrich has released the ProSwitcher Multitasking App for iPhone that let you easily switch between background iPhone apps. Now there are two iPhone multitasking apps for jailbreak community: ProSwitcher MultiFl0w ProSwitcher resembles a lot to the multitasking feature of the Palm Pre. ProSwitcher is out as public beta and available to download for Free.

N64iPhone Emulator for iPhone Now In Cydia Store

Nintendo emulator for iPhone 3Gs and iTouch 3G has finally been released in the Cydia Store with the name. ZodTTD had been working on a Nintendo64 emulator for iPhone 3Gs and iTouch 3G for last couple of months. This is an early release version. Everything is included except save states landscape screen modes. You can […]

SnapTap: Enable iPhone Volume Buttons to Take Photos

SnapTap is a new addition to the Cydia Store that enables your iPhone volume buttons to take photos with your iPhone. SnapTap allows you to take pictures using the volume controls instead of using the small/annoying touch button in the bottom. Should work with most camera picture taking applications. SnapTap Features: Take photos easily by […]

Multifl0w Brings Multitasking to iPhone – Now in Cydia Store

A few days ago we reported about an upcoming multitasking application for iPhone “MultiFl0w“.  Multifl0w is now available in Cydia with a price tag of $4.99. Features: Double tap Home button to open Multiflow Snapshot of each backgrounded application for easy selection of apps. Very small and concrete code – uses very little RAM and […]

Orbit (Expose) for iPhone Updated to Version 1.1

Steven Troughton-Smith has released an updated version of his popular Orbit app for iPhone to version 1.1. Orbit adds Expose (in Mac OS) like feature to your iPhone Springboard which lets you view all your iPhone Pages and quickly navigate between Springboard pages.

Firewall iP Video Preview – First Firewall App for iPhone

As reported earlier, a Firewall App for iPhone is in development. Yllier has posted a video preview of Firewall iP, the first firewall application for the iPhone. Using Firewall iP you can: Set individual rules Edit rules Set a rule for all connections.

SpringSorter Rearranges your SpringBoard icons by Usage

SpringSorter, a new iPhone app developed by Tom Zickel, has the ability to rearrange your Springboard icons layout by putting the most used app first. Features of SpringSorter: Rearrange your SpringBoard icons according to how much you use them. Allows you to sort icons per page, or globally across all pages. Protect pages you don’t […]

Download Orbit (Expose) for iPhone

Orbit, the Expose for iPhone is now available in Cydia Store. Orbit adds Expose (mac feature) like functionality to your SpringBoard pages. Orbit is very light and responsive app and transition is also very smooth. As it’s available in Cydia so you need to jailbreak your iPhone first. Download options are mentioned at the bottom […]