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How to Unlock Your AT&T iPhone

When you buy an iPhone from AT&T, it comes locked to AT&T’s network, which means only AT&T’s SIM would work on it. If you put a T-Mobile or any other carrier’s SIM in your iPhone, it just won’t work. Same thing happens to all the international SIM cards if you plan on traveling. A locked […]

AT&T Offering Refurbished iPhone 5 Starting at $99

AT&T has just started offering refurbished iPhone 5 models, and the 16GB variant costs just $99 if you’re and AT&T subscriber or don’t mind becomign one. AT&T is the first to offer refurbished iPhone 5 since its release two months ago…

iPhone 3GS Only $49 From AT&T Starting Tomorrow

AT&T will start selling the iPhone 3GS for $49 starting tomorrow, Friday, January 7, 2011 with a two-year service contract and data plan. $49 iPhone 3GS will be available from AT&T, Price for 3GS sold in Apple channels is determined by Apple.

Apple Received Over 600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders on Day-1

In a short Press release, Apple announces 600,000 pre-orders for iPhone 4 received my Apple Store and its carrier partner AT&T on the Day-1 of pre-orders. Apple has also apologized for the pre-order disaster yesterday saying the a number was “far higher” than the company anticipated.

iPhone 4 Pricing

Apple has announced iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010 on Monday, June 7th. iPhone 4 will hit shelves on June 24th in five countries (US, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.). You can pre-order the iPhone 4 online beginning June 15. The new iPhone 4 comes in both Black and White colors. Now the question is: […]

AT&T Enabling iPhone Tethering With iPhone OS 4 [OFFICIAL]

AT&T is Finally enabling iPhone tethering with iPhone OS 4.0 for the US customers. The same day, iPhone users will also be greeted with new data plans including tethering option for $20 per month. AT&T internet tethering support has also been found in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4.

Buy iPhone 3GS, 3G Without AT&T Contract Now

Apple has started offering iPhone 3GS and 3G without AT&T contract via Apple Stores across US. Now with this new policy, anyone can walk into an Apple store and can get an iPhone 3G 8Gb for $499, iPhone 3GS 16GB for $599 and iPhone 3GS 32GB model for $699.

AT&T iPhone Exclusivity to End on Jan 27th?

It’s not the only iTablet expected to be announced on Jan 27th event, Apple is also going to end the AT&T iPhone exclusivity on the coming big event, according to HotHardware. So, summing up all the rumors; Apple is expected to bring iTablet, iPhone OS 4.0 beta and an end to AT&T exclusivity, the coming […]

AT&T Now Allowing VoIP Over 3G Network for iPhone

AT&T has announced that they have taken necessary steps to enable VoIP applications on iPhone to run over 3G network. It means, now AT&T is allowing iPhone apps like Google Voice and Skype to run over 3G network. Previously, VoIP applications on iPhone were enabled for Wi-Fi connectivity only not over 3G network, presumably to […]

AT&T: More Than 2.4 million New iPhone Activations in Q2 2009

It was quite obvious after knowing the impressive 5.2 Million iPhone units sold in Q3 of Apple’s fiscal year 2009 that AT&T would also be enjoying some handsome amount of money out of iPhone exclusivity in U.S. A day after the Apple’s announcement of financial figures, AT&T has come with the statement that they have […]