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Best iPad Apps

Here’s our collection of the most popular and the best iPad apps for 2019.

After the success of iPhone, Apple turned to the tablet market by launching its first iPad back in 2010. within a year of the launch, Apple sold 19 million devices becoming the first company to mainstream the tablet devices.

iPad turned out to be a fresh new take on the laptop category. For casual folks, it was an exciting new way to browse the web, send and read emails, take photos, read e-books, watch videos, play games and much more.

best ipad appsIt was not just the entertainment market that Apple targeted, the company designed it by keeping the business community in mind. Apple created its whole productivity suite of apps for iPad including apps such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

Back in 2010, there were 140,000 applications ready for consumption on iPad, now there are more than 2 million iPad apps available on the App Store. The Apple Store has become home to hundreds of thousands of apps for iPad.

Whether you get your first iPad or looking for the right iPad apps for your iPad, here are some of the great ones to begin with!


No tablet, including the iPad, is complete without the productivity apps. Here are our picks for the best iPad productivity apps.


1password best ipad appsNo matter what type of mobile device you have, you are bound to keep track of dozens of password for your email account, apps, services, and websites. 1Password makes it very convenient to store and manage such information across all your devices. And you only need to remember one password that you use to unlock the app. The app is capable of generating hard to break passwords for your accounts. 1Paswword is available for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. It also works with the Touch ID (iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or new models.)

While there’s a free version available, it cannot get things done that you might want to do. So, consider upgrading.

Microsoft Office

microsoft office best ipad appsWho does not know Microsoft’s productivity line of apps? The free versions of Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) for iPad allows you to view, edit, and create documents on your iPad. An Office 365 subscription will give you some really nice extras, including 1TB of OneDrive storage, email, Skype Calls from phones, and more.

If you prefer Microsoft’s Office productivity apps, you’ll want to download them on your iPad right away.


iwork for ipad best apps

Apple has its own office productivity apps suite called iWork. It consists of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps. Using these office productivity apps, you can view and edit documents and files. It also allows you to share your work with Office users. iWork is compatible with Microsoft Office file types.

Fantastical 2 for iPad

fantastical 2 best ipad app

If you do not like Apple’s built-in Calander’s design and layout, you should consider Fantastical 2. It can keep track of your daily events and reminders. You can view your day, week, and even the month at a glance. The sidebar helps you in keeping on schedule with your events and reminders.

There are three different views, to show you your days, weeks, and months at a glance. Plus the sidebar keeps you on schedule with your events and reminders. That’s right. Fantastical also connects to your Reminders app, so if you’ve set a task to grab some milk on the way home from the store today, it’ll show up in Fantastical.

It’s a beautifully-designed app with all the best features for keeping track of your day-to-day life.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe acrobat best app for ipad

Adobe Acrobat Reader app makes reading and interacting with PDF files very easy on the iPad. It also allows you to manage, convert and share files. You can open a PDF document in Adobe Reader directly from email, web, or an app. You can search within the files for any specific word or phrase. In other words, Adobe Acrobat Reader for iPad provides professionals with all the tools and functions they need to deal with PDF files.


mindnode best apps for ipad

Mind Node is one the best apps to manage and save your ideas. MindNode for iPad uses mind maps – a visual representation of ideas branching off of the main idea. The organization approach of this app allows you to focus on your content rather than its layout.

There’s no limit to your idea with an infinite canvas that grows with your map. It allows you to access your ideas from any iOS device, thanks to the iCloud sync.

If you think the conventional note-taking apps are not suited for your creative ideas, mind mapping is an alternative and creative way to map out your ideas. You can export your idea maps as a PDF, text outline, PNG, and numerous other formats.

Finance / Money

Who does not need to manage their money or finance? Be it a business or an individual, we all are bound to deal with money. If you keep your finance managed, it will help you in dealign with your daily life or business needs in a timely manner. There are tons of finance/money related applications available on the App Store, but here are some of the best Finance/Money related apps for your iPad.

Mint – Personal Finance & Money

mint best ipad app

Mint is a free personal finance management app also available for iPad. Once connected to your Bank accounts and credit cards files, it can automatically create a budget for you based on your average spending habit. It is capable of keep track of your spendings across multiple accounts and investment portfolios with nifty graphs and charts.

You can create budgets and bill reminders as well. The app provides real-time transaction feed once it is connected to your accounts. Cash transactions must be added manually.

The app is developed by Intuit and the company has ensured the safety and privacy of the data by offering the same security provided by banks to prevent fraud and theft.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB best app for ipad

TNAB is a fantastic app that helps you evaluate your spending habits and lifestyle to decide what purchases are the most important ones for you right now and which ones can be put off for later so you can save up. The app clearly shows you where you’ve saved and how much you can set aside for a big purchase.

Invoice 2go Invoice & Estimate

best ipad apps invoice2go

Invoice 2go app allows you to create invoices, credit memos, estimates, and purchase orders right on your iPad. It also helps you in keeping track of money owed totals, and the taxes. The app features several templates and includes PayPal buttons for convenience. While the app is not completely free and offers in-app purchases, it is a perfect tool for business and freelancers alike who are struggling to keep track of their payables, receivables, and the cash received.

Social Media

Social media networks have become an integral part of our daily life. We all spent hours on social media on daily basis. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others. Some companies provide very robust in-house apps for their social media networks, while, for others, there are several third-party solutions available as well. Here are some of the best social media apps for iPad.


tweetbot best social media app for ipadIf you think that Twitter’s official iOS app works just fine for you, that’s totally fine. However, if you’re a diehard Twitter user, you should consider something more robust that comes with more features and different ways to view your timeline.

Tweetbot is the best Twitter app you can get on your iPad. It gives you complete control over your timeline and lets you sync your timeline across multiple devices. You can mute certain users, hashtag, and even keywords to avoid whatever you want to without quitting Twitter altogether. It comes with all the basic functionalities as well including tweeting, DMs, view lists. It also provides a statistical view and a night theme for the low-light environment, and much more.

With all the features it comes with, and the level of control it provides you over your everything Twitter, the Tweetbot is an invaluable app for iPad.


If you’re into crafting, building your dream home, cooking, or lifestyle, Pinterest is for you. It is a social media network which acts as a scrapbook for anything you’re passionate about. You can browse through pins in your feed, see who is saving your posts, and search for any specific topic.

You can create your personal boards and save pins under different board names. Pinterest app for iPad provides a gorgeous display on the timeline.

Cloud Storage

If you’ve sufficient built-in storage inside your iPad, you probably won’t need additional storage. But, for everyone else, there are cloud storage options.


The first cloud storage service that comes to mind is Dropbox. It is a cross-platform cloud storage service that allows you to save your photos, videos, documents, and more in one place in the cloud. You can access your Dropbox account from anywhere and from any device. You can easily share your files saved on Dropbox with others without giving them access to your Dropbox account.

Google Drive

If your life is all connected through a Google/Gmail account, you may want to look into Google’s cloud storage service called Google Drive. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive can store your documents, photos, videos, and more. With Google Docs and Sheets, you can create and edit documents and manage your financials and collaborate in real-time with others.

If you have a Google account, you’re good to go.


Microsoft’s One Drive cloud storage service not only allows you to save your data in the cloud, but it also lets you transfer data between iPad and your PC. If you have OneDrive app for iPad, you can work on documents right from your iPad within OneDrive app. The app automatically tags photos for quick finding and sharing. The app also allows you to work offline when you do not have an internet connection.

If you’re a PC user and have iPad, OneDrive is a must have cloud storage service for you.

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If you love reading and now have an iPad as well, you can use it to read whatever you want to. Here are some of the best reading apps for iPad.

Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader app on iOS is like having a Kindle inside your iPad. You can send any purchased ebook from Amazon to your iPad. When you open the Kindle Reader app on your iPad, the purchased eBooks will be there, waiting for you to download. The gorgeous display of the iPad and its landscape mode makes ready more natural.


Did you know that you can check out books available from your local library right on your iPad? The Overdrive app for iPad lets you connect your library number to check out books, read them, and even return them. It also allows you to place books on hold and get notified when the book is available to check out. All of this can be done right from your iPad using the OverDrove app.

Comics by comiXology

Want to get your weekly comic dose right on your iPad? You should checkout comiXology. It has the largest selection of comics from all the major and indie distributors. You will have to purchase the books from comiXology website before you can download and read them on your iPad. Now that Amazon owns this service, all your Kindle comics will be available in the Comics app right on your iPad as well.


If you are a blogger or into writing, here are some of the best wiring apps for iPad.

iA Writer

iA writer is one of the best apps for bloggers and those who use to write in plain text or Markdown. It has a built-in focus mode that allows you to fully concentrate on your writing. The special tools allow you to highlight nouns or conjunctions. You can get a preview of what your finished work should look like once it is published. You can select your desired functions on a customizable keyboard, for instance, headers, bullets, or bold font. Documents can be saved on iCloud or Dropbox allowing you to access them from different devices. The application also features Night mode.

Day One Journal

Every good writer needs something for journaling to keep their skills sharp. Day One Journal is one of the best journaling apps for iPad that allows you to keep daily notes, ideas, and musing in order. You can create multiple journals, add locations and photos. The developer has built their own exclusive cloud storage service to keep your journals accessible across all your devices. But, for those who prefer iCloud or Dropbox, you can always use Day One Classic instead.


On a big screen such as of an iPad, you would want to write down the notes instead of typing in. Notability is a note-taking app that allows you to handwrite your notes, which makes it a fantastic app for iPad Pro users that also have the Apple Pencil. It allows you to sketch, type, handwrite, cut out a section, paste it back in, record and attach audio with a specific note. With its palm detection feature, you can write with your hands resting on the screen of your iPad.