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iPhone SE 2nd Generation Specs, Features & More

A few years back, Apple released an iPhone SE with a 4-inch display for those who love that handy size with a powerful chip of that time. Now again, Apple just announced all the new iPhone SE 2nd Generation with more love and less spending for all users around the globe. This iPhone is a must upgrade for those still have an iPhone SE 1st generation in their daily use. In this article, we have shared a complete detail or everything you need to know.

First of all, a question comes in mind about why you should buy iPhone SE 2nd generation. So here is a complete list of features compared to other iPhone SE 1st generation or iPhone 8 you may have.

iPhone SE 2nd Generation packs with the most powerful processing chip and most popular size at affordable prices. Here are the following specs and features you were ever looking for.

iPhone SE 2nd Generation Specs, Features, Colors, and Price

We have covered everything for you in one place. Do not miss any specs or specifications you need to know. Let’s start from the size & display.

Size & Display

All the new iPhone SE 2020 comes with the 4.7-inch display and Retina HD quality which is better than the iPhone SE, iPhone 7 & iPhone 8. If you are one who always like the handy 4.7-inch size and wants it back this is the first reason you should buy this back. It’s not enough there is something more still coming on its way.

iPhone SE 2nd Gen body

Processor & Chip

All the new iPhone SE 2020 comes with power & latest chip of 2019 which was announced in the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro/Max. It’s known as A13 Bionic chip. You can rely on the ever-faster processing flagship with very handy size. Two reasons are here and here are still more for you, check next.

iPhone SE 2nd gen processor

Supports Dual Sim

One other reason to buy this one because it has the most powerful chip & also supports dual sim. You can use the dual physical sims on a Chinese region-based or 1 physical with Digital Sim (E-Sim) when you buy from other regions of the world.

Has a Touch ID

Again in 2020, Apple has added a Touch ID option for those who don’t like Face ID and wanted it back. You can now use the Touch ID with faster processing A13 chip & your privacy is still here.

iPhone SE 2nd Generation touch id

Camera & 4K Recording

All the new iPhone SE 2020 has a single lens which includes the same but improved camera from the iPhone XR. It has the ability to capture the subject with artfully blur so you can focus more on the subject. All the modes like Studio, Stage Mono Light, Contour Light, and others on the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max are available on your 2020 iPhone SE or iPhone 9 whatever you call it. Here are camera samples are officially shown by Apple Inc.

iPhone SE 2nd Gen 4k recording camera

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These samples are available on Apple.com and we have not tested the phone by itself so you can check more over the web when YouTubers upload a video.

Also, all the new iPhone SE 2020 supports the 4K recording up to 60fps which is comparatively very good enough from your older iPhone.

Now let’s come to the other point which shows the reason to buy iPhone SE 2020 when you are comparing it with any other at the same price.

iPhone SE 2nd Gen Colors & Price

One last thing before ending up the article is the price and color of this flagship. All the new iPhone SE 2020 comes in three different colors: Black, Red (Product), and Silver. Now the choice is yours because Apple looks good in the center.

When it comes to Price: iPhone SE 2020 starts at $399 for the 64GB variant. Other variants are 128GB for $449 and 256GB variant for $549.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know what questions you have on your mind? Let me answer something, you can also use a wireless charger for this which means when you don’t want it just charge it. BOOM!

That’s all about iPhone SE 2020, you can keep visiting our blog for more exciting posts for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Subscribe to our newsletter for push notifications on your device. Signing out, Peace.

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