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How to Unpair Apple Watch With / Without iPhone

Here is how you can unpair Apple Watch or erase or reset even without iPhone. Complete walkthrough at one page so you can learn more about your product.

Another day, another amazing tutorial for our iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS blog posts reader. Today we are here with another basic tutorial guide using which you can restore, erase, or unpair your Apple Watch even when you don’t have your iPhone with you.

If you are one who wants to upgrade or sell your Apple Watch then the first thing is to unpair & reset your Apple Watch so your data will not show moreover that Watch. Another reason to make this guide is that you can use this method to reset your Apple Watch when you forgot the passcode.

Before unpairing an Apple Watch you can make a backup of Watch so you can use the same backup later. So, when you are ready to follow the step by step guide given below.

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How to Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone

When you have a paired Apple Watch near your iPhone you can use this method to unpair, reset, or erase all data.

  1. On your iPhone, Go to Watch App and Tap on [YourWatch] name.
    apple watch iphone

    Now tap on the information icon appearing next and tap Unpair button.
    apple watch information unpair apple watch iphone

  2. Confirm to Unpair Apple Watch & then Enter Apple ID Password to remove it from iCloud account too.
    unpair apple watch with iphone enter apple id to unpair apple watch
  3. Your Watch will start erasing data and you can check progress bar there.
  4. That’s all about this method.

Now the other method is also available when you don’t have an iPhone available near you or in case you don’t know the passcode of your Apple Watch. You can use buttons on Watch to Erase all Contents and Settings on your Watch.

How to Unpair, Erase or Reset Apple Watch Without iPhone

Using this method, you can reset, unpair, and erase your Apple Watch. But this method doesn’t mean you can remove it from the iCloud account or Turn off Find My Watch. Still, you can do this on your iPhone using the Find my App available.

  1. Connect your Watch with Charger first.
  2. Now hold the power button until you see ‘Power off’ on Watch Screen.
  3. Do not slide but just do a firm press on Power off button.
  4. Tap on Erase all Contents and Settings button.
  5. Your Watch will now back to Factory Settings.

That’s how you can do an erase all content and settings on your watch when you do not know the password of the watch. Or, if the buyer has the watch but seller forgot to unpair the Watch from their side.

Enough for today. You can come here again for more How-To guides on iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac. We keep posting what you need most. You can suggest us any guide you want using our Contact Us page.

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