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iOS 14 Leaks Everything you Need to Know

Here is everything you need to know about iOS upcoming iOS 14 updates. All the features, concept and news in one place. All these features are just a leak and not officially announced by Apple. So just leave a reply in your opinion.

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Another day, another amazing article for our iOS blog readers. If you are one who is actually looking for an upcoming iOS 14 update feature then you are at the right place where you can check everything at a glance on a single page over the web. So, our team will keep updating this page. You can bookmark this post on your iPhone, iPad or Mac easily.

Like previous years, Apple will announce iOS 14 in the World Wide Conference which held in mid of the year. Usually, it takes place at the start of June. But there are some chances it may get a delay due to the Corona Virus which is already around the globe. So, it’s not decided yet but another iOS Update is going to release this year.

In the upcoming iOS 14, there are some leaks that show that Apple has no interest in changing or upgrading the user interface but some features to add as major improvements. Here is a list of all iOS 14 features & leaks you need to know.

1- List View in Home Screen

At the very first, I am going to talk about the major or minor needs of every iOS user. According to a rumor & leak iOS 14 will have an option to show apps according to alphabets sorting which means they may appear in LIST VIEW. At the moment, Apple has a plan to add a separate page for the users. Moreover, Apple will use Siri Smart Suggestions to show apps according to place & time as recommendations. It is already clear, but we can take the example of a gym. If you are at a gym this will show Apps like Apple Music & Spotify as a suggestion.

2- Third-Party Wallpaper Integration

There are no options to customize the iOS device except the wallpaper. This is just a joke but it’s a truth. Apple never allows users to add files to the default root just for security reasons. Well, it’s a good method to secure iOS device but usually, users feel bore when there is no freedom. So according to the leaks, Apple is going to allow users to add wallpapers to the Stock Settings folders. Developers from third party wallpaper app will have an option to make it possible for end-user.

3- Accessibility Improvements

For Apple, customers care, users care and support are the first priority. Like they also focus on the users who are deaf or have hearing aids. From iOS 14, the users with hearing impairments all the sounds or buzzers like a tornado, emergency siren, doorbells and etc. will get convert as a notification. This is a huge feature Apple is going to add for such users.

4- Separated Upload for Shot on iPhone

Every year, Apple takes content as a campaign by using a hashtag. Every year, there is a new winner who takes a photo using an iPhone and uploads it without editing it using a third-party tool. So, according to rumors, this year Apple is going to add a separate tab in Photos app for showing all the uploads regarding this hashtag. With the help of this, all iOS and iPadOS users can enjoy the amazing shots news feed and from there they can easily participate in that contest.

5- AliPay Support in Apple Pay

Around the globe, there are millions of Chinese iPhone users available. With the help of iOS 14, Apple is going to support AliPay with Apple Pay which will allow users to pay within seconds from their AliPay account.

6- Blood Oxygen Level Detection on Apple Watch

According to a report, they have found a piece of code in the upcoming iOS 14 which will add the new feature in the coming Apple Watch. The report says that a user can detect the blood oxygen level using the Apple Watch. This means Apple is still focusing on user’s health & care. Also, the previous year’s records from iFixit show there is a chip and hint which shows Apple hasn’t enabled this feature because the chip was already introduced but not supported due to no software.

That’s all about today. Summing up the article, Apple is focusing on improving the functionality and fixing the bugs for the end-users. They are not focusing on the interface but major bug fixes, improvements in the current iOS 13 for iPhone & iPadOS 13 for iPad.

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