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5 Hidden Features in iOS 13 for iPhone

There are few amazing iOS 13 features that you might not know yet, So here are 5 hidden features in iOS 13 for iPhone you need to know.

iOS 13 for iPhone and iPod Touch was released on 20th September 2019. Still not updated? you can check for iOS 13 update in Settings > General > Software Update or check the guide to install iOS 13. This update includes some great features for iPhone users. We have already shared some best iOS 13 features for iPhone.

We have already updated our iPhone XS Max on iOS 13.0 for testing purposes. One of our teammates has found the hidden features in iOS 13 for iPhone only. So we thought to discuss them here on the web. Here is a list of hidden features I am going to share.

  • Haptic Sounds & feedback
  • Memoji Support with Social Apps
  • Change Wifi & Bluetooth in Control Center
  • Dual Sim Support for iMessage & Facetime
  • Create Memoji for Contacts

We are not sharing any feature which is listed on the Apple Official Website. So you should consider trying them all on your device at once after installing iOS 13 on your device.

1- Haptic Sounds and Feedback

Apple has added some new ‘tick’ type sounds to 3D touch with an improved one haptic feedback. Also, when you will have full ringer you will feel the vibration or haptic feedback from mobile. So, this one is good for those who usually work in a rush place.

When you use 3D Touch on app icons you can feel the sound & haptic feedback. There are no screenshots available for this one because it’s not possible to show. You should try at your own.

2- Memoji Support with Social Apps

With iOS 13 you can also send your Memoji to your friend, crush, or any other person as a sticker. For example, we can create our own memoji and send it to the user with whom we are doing a conversation on WhatsApp. So, it’s easy to express yourself in a new way.

Memoji Support with Social AppsThis is just an example from iMessage. You can even create a Memoji Sticker pack for any friend. Help them by send them all on their WhatsApp. They can save the stickers for later use and it’s such a kind act.

3- Change Wifi and Bluetooth from Control Center

One of the most demanded features for iOS is here. Just go to Control Center, use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch on Wifi or Bluetooth to get more options on your screen.

Change Wifi and Bluetooth from Control Center4- Dual Sim Support for iMessage and Facetime

Another most awaited feature for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max or later the flagship is that of Dual Sim support for iMessage and Facetime. No matter which you have a dual sim phone or E-Sim available. Now you can manage them both for Facetime and iMessage.

5- Create Memoji Stickers for Social Use

If you want some fun on your iPhone then you should try Memoji Stickers. Just create the memoji and iOS 13 will take care of rest. Just use the Memoji Sticker pack from your iPhone keyboard and enjoy it. You can send Memoji’s in the message’s app and WhatsApp.

That’s all for today. I hope you will find this article interesting. If you also have any hidden features available, share in comments.

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