Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12

Here is all you need to know about best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12. No matter you are using unc0ver or Chimera Jailbreak, it’s still for you even if you are using Zebra Installer.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12

Another day, another tutorial for those who are looking for the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 12. There are a couple of tweaks available over the web but the issue is that everyone is looking for a great setup. So, today, I am going to share some common and unique tweaks using which you can easily create a best Jailbroken setup.

All tweaks I am going to mention in the list are working on iOS 12 with Cydia, Sileo or Zebra. So, if you have already a Jailbroken iPhone, just check the given tweaks below and try them on your device.

At the very first, let me tell you, do not install any tweak if the description saying “Not Working on Your Device” or you can still give it a try at your own risk.

Also, please do not install too many tweaks on your device as they will cause battery drain. Mostly, tweaks which have animations do disturb the battery on your iPhone. So, I recommend not to install such tweaks.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 12

Here is a list of best Cydia tweaks for iOS 12. You can check them one by one. Some of them are paid, and some of them are free.

  1. AppCrumb
  2. AppSync Unified
  3. Appcon
  4. AirMessage
  5. AudioRecorder 2/XS
  6. BackupAZ 3
  7. BetterCCXI
  8. BioProtect XS
  9. Bolders
  10. Boxy 3
  11. CallBar XS
  12. ColorFlow 4
  13. ColorBadges
  14. ColorBanners 2
  15. DLEasy
  16. Dune
  17. Eclipse Dark Mode
  18. Filze File Manager
  19. FloatingDockPlus
  20. Gesto
  21. Goodges 2
  22. HomeList
  23. LockPlus Pro
  24. Liberty
  25. Magma Pro
  26. MusicDock X
  27. Noctis12
  28. NoSubstitute 12
  29. OnlineNotify
  30. PortraitXI
  31. RealCC
  32. ShortLook
  33. Snowboard
  34. Springtomize 4
  35. SwitchShades
  36. Unsub
  37. VideoHud
  38. WhoozIt Pro
  39. XenHTML

All of the mentioned tweaks are tested on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.4 and I am using unc0ver Jailbreak because it includes Cydia. If you are using Sileo or Zebra then you are still good to go.

Now let me share some information about all these tweaks one by one. Also, I have mentioned the source from where you can get it on your device.

1- AppCrumb

One of the most useful jailbroken tweaks shows you the previous app breadcrumb as the app preview in the bottom left.

No matter which app you were using previously, it stays with you and easy to go back to that tweak which easy access.

This tweak is available for $0.99 on the Packix Repo.

2- AppSync Unified

Appsync is one the oldest Cydia Tweak which allows you to install IPA files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Using the appsync we have no need to worry about revokes because it’s all about your freedom.

This is a free package and works on iOS 12.4 and can be downloaded from Karen’s Official Repo.

3- Appcon

Using Appcon you can replace any one of your favorite app icon with the other. Just install this tweak, enable it, long tap on the app, hit replace icon from the internet or choose from library. There is no screenshot available but you can configure this tweak from the Settings.

It is a free tweak for iOS 9, 10, 11 and 12. You can find this tweak on the Bigboss repo already available in Cydia.

4- AirMessage

Airmessage is one of the most demanded and useful tweaks. Right now it’s in beta stage but you will get the final release very soon. Using this tweak, you can get your iMessages and SMS on your any device which is connected to the same network.

All you need is just to create a localhost setup on your network, set the changes. Boom, you can receive iMessages even on Android or Windows using this tweak.

This tweak works on iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12 which is Jailbroken. This is a paid package. You can find it on Spark’s Dev official repo.

5- AudioRecorder XS

Ever wanted a call recorder for your iPhone? Well if you have a Jailbroken device then you can install the #1 call recorder made for iOS device ever. Using this tweak, you can record any incoming and outgoing call. It supports Phone, FaceTime, Messenger, and all most known apps.

It’s a Paid Package and can be installed from

6- BackupAZ 3

This tweak can be used to make a complete backup of your all Cydia tweaks and setup you have on your device.

This tweak is a paid package and available on Packix’s repo for $2.99 with premium support and complete features.

7- BetterCCXI

BetterCCXI is a full customization tweak for Control Center Modules. You can rearrange and add more modules to your control center if you want.

This is a paid package and available on Packix repo.

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8- BioProtect XS

One of the old tweaks is still available for iOS 12 Jailbroken devices. Using BioProtect you can lock settings and applications on your device. You can use TouchID, FaceID, and Passcode to lock apps.

It’s a paid tweak and available on source

9- Bolders

If you are bored of default folders on your iPhone then you should try Bolders tweak. It’s a free package in Cydia. It gives a new modern look to the folders. Actually, a full-screen wide folder.

10- Boxy 3

Boxy 3 is a tweak using which you can align apps horizontally and vertically however you like. If you are looking a cool setup on your device then you should try this paid tweak on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

11- CallBar XS

Ever felt that iOS incoming call is so annoying? Try this tweak if you have iPhone XS Max or any other. It’s a modern call bar from a featured request by a user in the Jailbreak community.

12- ColorFlow 4

Colorflow is an old tweak for all Jailbroken devices. It’s a most recommended tweak for creating a setup. This tweak color the screen according to album art cover. It looks so cool.

13- ColorBadges

ColorBadges is a very old tweak from a dev whose name is David. This tweak changes the colors of the app badges according to the app icon colors. If you are looking for a fresh setup then it’s a must tweak for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

This is a paid tweak and available on Packix repo. You should try this tweak.

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14- ColorBanners 2

ColorBanners 2 is also a must tweak for every Jailbroken device. It is the tweak which color the banners and all other notifications on your device. It uses the libcolor library which picks the color from the app icon and color the notification.

It’s a paid package from the beginning and now it is also available on Packix repo.

15- DLEasy

DLeasy is a very popular tweak using which you can easily download any kind of MP3, MP4, and other videos or audio files from social apps. You can even import downloaded music to the Music app on your iPhone. So, it’s a must app to try on your Jailbroken device.

It’s a paid tweak and available on Packix repo.

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16- Dune

Dune is a very good tweak to get dark mode on custom places available on your iOS device. Likely you can apply, Dark, Darken and Black mode using this tweak to your iOS Device’s Dock, Folder, Widgets and many more.

It’s a free package for every Jailbroken device.

17- Eclipse Dark Mode

Eclipse Dark Mode is another popular tweak for getting a system-wide dark mode on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

It’s a paid package available on Packix repo.

18- Filza File Manager

Filza File Manager is very helpful when you have messed your Jailbroken device. Due to some reason if Cydia is not working then it can help you to fix errors you are facing. It allows root access on your Jailbroken device.

19- FloatingDockPlus

FloatingDockPlus is a true iPad Dock inspired tweak. You can do more with your dock. It adds gestures using which you can perform different functions on your Jailbroken device. It’s a very popular tweak and can be used to get a perfect Jailbroken setup.

It’s a paid tweak and available on Cydia in Packix repo.

20- Gesto

Gesto is a very powerful tweak which adds multiple functions and advance switcher on your iOS 12 Jailbroken device. Do you remember App Switcher tweak? It’s more powerful than that one and works perfectly.

It’s a paid tweak and available on source.

21- Goodges 2

Goodges 2 replaces the badges with the label as the number of notifications available per app. It is compatible with Colorbadges with making a complete perfect setup on your device. Configurations are available for this tweak.

It’s a free package available on the Packix Repo.

22- HomeList

Ever wanted apps on home-screen alphabetically? Try HomeList tweak on your device. It’s a paid tweak and available on Dynastic repo.

23- LockPlus Pro

LockPlus Pro is a lock screen theming tweak for your iOS device. It’s a paid tweak available on the Junes Repo and has 100+ built-in lock screen themes. You must pay to the developer to install this tweak on your device.

24- Liberty

Liberty is a very lite tweak for your device to bypass Jailbreak detection in different apps. For example, you can use this tweak to fix the Jailbreak detection on HSBC banking and other apps. Add the repo to get this tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Settings are available for this tweak.

25- Magma Pro

Magma Pro is a very colorful tweak for those who want to customize and color the toggles in the Control Center on your Jailbroken device.

It’s a paid package available on the Packix Repo.

26- MusicDock X

Just put music bar in your dock, it’s that simple. It’s currently in beta stage.

27- Noctis12

Noctis12 is another dark mode tweak for your device. You can use this to apply dark mode to system-wide applications and settings. Also, you can set per app to get dark mode with. It’s a paid tweak and available on Packix repo.

28- NoSubstitute12

NoSubstitute is another tweak for those who want to bypass Jailbreak detection within applications they have installed. This is much helpful if you are using Snapchat with a third-party installation.

No screenshot available for this tweak but you can install this free.

29- OnlineNotify

If you want to track anyone on WhatsApp then OnlineNotify is for you. You should install this tweak to target someone when they are coming online and going offline. You can access settings from Whatsapp application directly.

30- PortraitXI

PortraitXI is a popular tweak which adds the portrait mode to single camera devices such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and others. But please do not install this tweak on your older iPhone because I am sure it gonna slow down your device. It’s a paid package for everyone.

31- RealCC

RealCC is a real gem. It can turn off Wifi/Bluetooth completely on your jailbroken device directly from Control Center. No white toggle anymore. It’s a free package with no screenshots available. You can install this tweak from Bigboss official repo.

32- ShortLook

ShortLook adds amazing glance when a notification appears on lock screen. It’s available on Dynastic repo as a paid package.

33- Snowboard

Snowboard is a very beautiful tweak by Spark dev as anemone alternative. You can use this tweak to apply themes on your Jailbroken device. It’s a free tweak.

34- Springtomize 4

Springtomize 4 is a very well-known tweak which allows you to make any changes to your Jailbroken device.

35- SwitchShades

SwitchShades is a very new tweak to Jailbreak. If you want to get multi shades on your device in the appswitcher then this tweak is for you.

36- Unsub

Unsub can also be used to bypass jailbreak detection. Also, it can be used to disable tweak injection within apps. It’s a free and very helpful package. There are no screenshot’s available for this tweak.

37- VideoHud

VideoHud is a ringer/volume replacement. It’s a very unknown tweak but you should try this tweak if you want something like Sonus12. It’s a free package for every Jailbroken device.

38- WhoozIt Pro

Want to know who’s calling? This tweak works with TrueCaller enabled on your device. This is a paid package and you must buy the license to activate this tweak on your device.

39- XenHTML

XenHTML is a very known tweak in the Jailbreak community. Everyone install this tweak because they want to add widgets on the lock screen and as well as a home screen. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a free package on Junes repo.

That’s all for today. Now it’s your turn to install and try these tweaks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Hopefully, you will find them working but still, please follow the per tweak description before installing it on your device.

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