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6 Best iPhone XR Waterproof Cases

Looking for Waterproof cases for iPhone XR? You have come to the right place. While Apple iPhone XR is IP67 waterproof certified, it can only survive up to 30 minutes underwater up to a depth of one meter. Despite being waterproof, Apple does not cover any of the water damage if you somehow manage to water damage it.

best iphone xr waterproof cases

Being an expensive smartphone, it is worth looking into a few different iPhone XR waterproof cases just to keep your new iPhone safe and your mind at peace. We have listed waterproof cases from some trusted manufacturer, so choose one with confidence to add rigorous waterproofing to your Apple iPhone XR.

Best Waterproof cases for iPhone XR

Here is our list of best waterproof cases for your shiny new iPhone XR.

hitcase iphone xr waterproof case

Hitcase Splash Waterproof case for iPhone XR

Want to keep your iPhone XR protected and waterproof? Hitcase Splash is for you. This waterproof case is super slim, durable, and lightweight. With this case on, the company claims that you can take your iPhone XR up three meters (10 feet) deep in the water without any water damage. The case also has a drop-proof rating of up to two meters i.e. around six and a half feet. You can easily access all the ports and buttons of your iPhone XR while keeping them waterproof. The Hitcase Splash iPhone XR waterproof case comes with a one-year warranty.

$69.99 from Hitcase

Lycase waterproof iphone xr case

Lycase waterproof iPhone XR cases

The waterproof case from Lycase is a perfect fit for your iPhone XR that comes with the required cutouts for all the buttons and ports while keeping the device waterproof. The case comes with IP68 waterproofing, advanced dual layer, and full body 360 military grade protection. The case is not only waterproof but also shockproof and comes with bulti-in screen protection. This waterproof cases for iPhone XR comes with a 1-year warranty from the company. It is available in blue and pink color options.

$19.99 from Amazon

fre iphone xr waterproof case

FRE iPhone XR waterproof case

Are you looking for an iPhone XR case that is waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and then take a look at FRE’s iPhone XR waterproof cases. When you are using this case, you can submerge your iPhone XR into water up to 2 meters deep for up to an hour without water damaging it. The case provides a 360-degree protection with a sealed and protective design. This iPhone XR waterproof case comes in multiple color options including body surf gray, asphalt black, tiki teal, boosted blue, and frostbite pink.

$89.99 from LifeProof

catalyst waterproof case for iphone xr

Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone XR

iPhone XR waterproof case from the Catalyst is also a worthy option. At the time of writing the case is available for pre-orders only. With this case on, you can drive with your iPhone XR underwater up to 10 meters (33 feet) deep. The case also provides up to 2 meters of drop-protection. Catalyst waterproof case is only available in black color. The company offers a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. All the ports and button of your iPhone XR are easily accessible when the case is on.

$89.99 from Catalyst

richu waterproof case for iphone xrRICHU iPhone XR Waterproof Case

The waterproof case for iPhone XR from RICHU is extremely waterproof. It is fully sealed and carrier IP698 waterproofing certificate. It can protect your iPhone XR underwater up to 16 feet or 5 meters deep for up to an hour. 33 feet or 10 meters underwater for half an hour. This makes this case perfect for outdoor sports, underwater activities, and daily use. When you put on the cover, it not only adds waterproofing to your iPhone Xr, you can easily access all the buttons and ports and all the sensors keep working as they should. The case is slim and lightweight and comes with 1 12-months warranty.

$17.99 from Amazon

gocool iphone xr waterproof caseGOCOOL iPhone XR Waterproof Case

GOCOOL has come up with a case for iPhone XR that is not only waterproof but also sand and snow proof and also provides protection against drops. This waterproof case for iPhone XR comes with a built-in screen protector that provides a guard against scratches. When you put on this waterproof case, you can easily access the buttons and the ports on your iPhone XR. The case also supports wireless charging. The case is IP68 waterproofing certified.

$17.99 from Amazon

Summing up…

That’s it from out end folks, for now. We hope that you have found the right waterproof case for your iPhone XR. If you did, let us know about your choice in the comments section below.

This is not by any means the final list of waterproof cases, we will be updating this page as more cases become available for Apple iPhone XR. If you know of a better iPhone XR waterproof case, let us know in the comments section below, we will be sure to review it and add it the list if we find it a good option.

In the meantime, protect your expensive iPhone XR from spills and splashes. And rest assured that we’re always on a hunt for the best accessories available for Apple device. If we find anything good that’s waterproof, we will be sure to update this page.

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