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iPhone XS Max Jailbreak Achieved!

Apple iPhone XS Max jailbreak has been achieved! Yes, folks, you read it right. The jailbreak for iPhone XS Max is possible now, thanks to a well-known hacker and developer Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiopz.

jailbreak iphone xs max

It’s been over two weeks since Apple released iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS to the masses on September 21 and we are already hearing about the new flagship iPhone devices being jailbroken. This indeed is a great news for the jailbreak community.

Luca Todesco is the guy behind Yalu jailbreak that was capable of jailbreak iOS 10 – 10.2 software versions. The hacker has tweeted through his Twitter account that he has successfully managed to jailbreak iPhone XS Max which he plans on using as his daily driver. This clearly shows that Apple’s latest iOS 12 and the iPhone XS Max can be jailbroken.

While it is a great news that latest iPhone hardware and software are jailbreakable, do not expect Luca to release a publicly consumable version of iPhone XS Max jailbreak as he had left the jailbreak after bring harrassed by jailbreakers. Nevertheless, it does give us a ray of hope that these new devices can be jailbroken and someone may come up with a public jailbreak for the jailbreak community.

Before this, security researchers over at Pandora Labs has demonstrated an untethered iOS 12 jailbreak. It will be interesting to see if coolstar – the guy behind Electra jailbreak, comes up with he own jailbreak for iOS 12 and iPhone XS devices.

We will update you as we learn more about iOS 12 jailbreak or jailbreak for iPhone XS / XS Max. Are you interested in jailbreaking your shiny new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? why would you want to jailbreak new iPhone? Let us know n the comments section below.

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