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Drop Test: iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 – Which One is Easier to Break?

Apple claims that their latest crop of iPhones including the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max comes with the ‘most durable glass’ on any smartphone in the world. It’s time to see how an iPhone XS Max fares in a drop test against Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

drop test iphone xs vs galaxy note 9

PhoneBuff, a YouTuber, has conducted the drop test between iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9, and both phones performed poorly effectively smoking Apple’s claim of the ‘most durable smartphone glass.’

In the first back-drop test, the iPhone XS Max revealed fewer shatter points as compared the Galaxy Note 9. Both phones absorbed the impact pretty well when dropped side wise apart from minor scuffs and scratches. When both devices were dropping facing down, the front-glass on both phones cracked. However, iPhone XS Max managed to contain the cracks from drop to the point of impact, but the cracks on Galaxy Note 9 were all over its screen.

The glass panels on iPhone XS Max outperformed the Galaxy Note 9, however, the tester crowned Galaxy Note 9 as the winner at the end of his drop test as in the end he dropped both devices repeatedly where Galaxy Note 9 managed to survive 10 continuous drops vs 3 drops of iPhone XS Max.

To sum up the test, the cracks in first drop smoke Apple’s claims of iPhone XS Max featuring the strongest glass on any smartphone as it can crack pretty easily when dropped from a notable height.

Did you buy an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and dropped it by chance? If yes, did the glass panel on the back or the front shattered easily? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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