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How to add Wireless Charging Capability to iPhone 7 for $70

It has become a reality that you can add wireless charging to your iPhone 7 using aftermarket kit sold by Strange Parts for $70. Thanks to a flex PCB circuit board designed by Yeke that has made this possible.

Watch Scotty Allen, a persistent American engineer who likes to tinker with the hardware has managed to add wireless charging capability to an iPhone 7. After pulling his iPhone 7 into pieces, Allen successfully manages to build it back as a more capable unit featuring wireless charging capability.

The Alpha version of the wireless charging kit for iPhone 7 is now available from Strange Parts. The kit includes:

  • A shiny red iPhone 7 shell with Strange Parts logo
  • A wireless charging module
  • Foam padding for the connector (double what you should need in case you screw up)
  • An extra cable for the wireless charging module (in case you damage the existing one – requires simple soldering to swap out)
  • Online installation instructions – both written instructions and a video, compiled by yours truly (with Yeke’s help)

You can purchase wireless charging kit for your iPhone 7 for $70 from this link. Depending on the demand for the wireless kit for iPhone 7, Strange Parts plan on making such kits or other iPhone models as well. Yeke’s Kit is only available in China and it supports iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

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Yeke’s kit supports the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but it’s only sold in China.

This kit is for adventurous souls only! It’s an alpha version – as you saw from the video, it’s a bit challenging to get working, and we’re still continuing to refine the installation process. You’ll also need to complete disassemble your phone and reassemble it in the new phone shell provided. So there’s plenty of opportunity to break your phone

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