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iPhone X Plus Concept in Gold Color Shown in Renders and Video

We have been hearing whispers of Apple working on a gold color option for this year’s iPhone lineup which is expected to include an iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and a largest 6.1-inch iPhone model. With three new models expected to be launched by Apple this year, we are likely to see tons of concepts visualizing what these new devices might look like.

iphone x gold concept hero

Martin Hajek is a well-known designer in the mobile industry. He is known for his work on creating some great mockups for the popular smartphones. This time he has created numerous renders of what he thinks a gold-colored iPhone X Plus might look like. And the result is stunning! Have a look at the renders below.

Hajek has posted his new creation on his website that mocks Apple’s upcoming iPhone X variants in Gold, White/Gold, and Black/Gold color options. While these concepts will probably never end up being used by Apple in any form, but still these renders give us a good look at what color combinations can be utilized in upcoming iPhone X models. Apple launched the iPhone X in Silver and Space Gray color options so that we can expect the addition of new colors in forthcoming iPhone lineup.

iphone x gold concept

iphone x gold white concept

iphone x gold black concept

We also have got a concept video from the ConceptiPhones folks, who have put together an over 45 seconds long video showcasing their imagination of Apple’s rumored iPhone X Plus in gold option. They have also showcased another rumored features for the plus variant of the iPhone X, i.e., Dual SIM support.

ConceptiPhones has also put the current iPhone X right next to their iPhone X Plus concept which nicely showcases the size differences between the two flagship devices. The showcased devices look almost identical, and of course, there is no reason to expect any significant change in 2018 iPhone models. We will likely get a bigger version of iPhone X featuring the notch and all.

Have a look at the video:

Apple will surely bring back the gold color option into its flagship devices, but the question that remains to be answered is when? Most of the recent reports are pointing towards the launch of a gold color option later this year. However, Apple’s plan may change at any moment down the road.

Would you love to buy an iPhone X in gold color option?

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