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HomePod Gets its First Software Update

Apple has released the very first software update for its Siri-driven smart speaker, the HomePod, since its launch. Along with update for HomePod, Apple has also released iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3, and watchOS 4.3 updates as well.

homepod software update

Apple has officially released a software update, as part of iOS 11.3 public launch, that will improve the “audioOS” software that powers the HomePod. It is the first software update that Apple has released for its smart speaker since its launch in February of this year. The new HomePod software has the same 11.3 version number as today’s iOS 11.3 and tcOS 11.3.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this piece, there is no information available on what the new software update brings to the HOmePod, or of the company including any new features in it. The release notes only read that the update “includes general improvements for stability and quality.”

To install the update, the new software update will automatically be installed on your HomePod if you have iOS 11.3 installed on your iPhone and your HomePod setup. Apple allows you to turn off automatic installation of HomePod updates.

If you have turned off automatic installation of HomePod updates or did not install iOS 11.3 on your iOS device, you can manually install HomePod updates as well. To deploy the HomePod updates manually, launch the Home app on your iOS device running iOS 11.2.5 or later, tap the Home tab towards the bottom of the screen, and hit the arrow icon in the top-left corner. Underneath ‘Speakers’ heading, tap Software Update and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the HomePod update.

HomePod was rumored to get AirPlay 2 support through this software update, but as evident from the ioS 11.2 release notes, the AirPlay 2 has not made the cut and will likely be part of next HomePod software update. The AirPlay 2 is required for HomePod’s upcoming multi-device control and stereo pairing.

Do you have a HomePod? If yes, are you going to install the update as quickly as possible? Let us know if you find any new addition to your HomePod after the installation of this software update.

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