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Google Embraces iPhone X like Notch with Android P

Apple introduced its latest iPhone X back in September with a brand new design philosophy. The smartphone featured a notch display that caused plenty of conversation. The feature is still making headlines, but this time due to Google – the Android developers.

android p notch design

Several Android hardware manufacturers including Huawei, OnePlus, ASUS, and others have decided to introduce a similar notch in their flagship devices. Rumors also had it that Google is working on introducing elements in its upcoming Android P mobile operating system to support notch design that Apple brought to the world through its iPhone X.

Google has finally confirmed that it is indeed supporting notch designs through its Android P OS. The first Developer beta of the Android P is now available to the world that includes support for a “display cutout for camera and speaker.”

It still remains unclear whether the public likes the notch-design or not because it’s a matter of choice. One might like it while another person might not. But one thing is clear that Android manufacturers are the biggest fans of the notch design and are going full speed ahead to bring the design to their flagship devices.

Android P Display Cutout

Google has introduced Android P with several new features, changes, and bug fixes. Some of the new features include alterations to the way that notifications are handled, support for HDR VP9 Profile 2, and support for Apple’s HEIC format.

We are almost in the full notch saturation as Leagoo shamelessly copies iPhone X’s notch design. ASUS did the same thing, Huawei is expected to launch a new smartphone with such design, and LG is apparently working on a similar design for one of its handsets. On the other hand, the original makers of Notch design i.e. Apple is said to be working on trimming down the notch in this years iPhone lineup and ditching it all together in 2019 iPhone models.

Do you like the notch design?

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