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Apple to Ditch the iPhone X Display Notch in 2019 iPhone lineup?

Just when every other Android hardware manufacturer around the globe is working on incorporating an iPhone X like display notch into their smartphone lineup and even Google itself has officially embraced it with Android P developer preview, a new report claims that Apple is thinking about ditching the display notch altogether in 2019 iPhone models.

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The report claims that Apple is thinking about ditching the iPhone X display notch on every iPhone models it launches in 2019. The company is said to be working on launching 2019 iPhones with a display that will completely cover the front of the devices.

The report does not provide any insights on what will happen to all those sensors and camera modules that are currently housed inside the notch area to make Face ID work properly. The report fails to discuss Apple’s alternative move to the notch content.The report, however, does mention that the fruit company is currently working with several suppliers with an intention of coming up with a notch-less iPhone design for next year’s iPhone models.

Apple decided to get rid of notch design starting from 2019 models and is having discussions with relevant companies. It seems that Apple is planning to implement full-screen that is more complete in its new iPhones.

While the report does not talk about the new location of the Face ID after the company ditches the notch display. The report, however, does speculate that we might end up seeing holes in the device’s display, making room for the sensors to see the outside world.

It is going to be interesting to see how Apple combine the receiver, front-camera, and Face ID features with a display that would completely cover the whole front leaving no room for the notch. Some think that Apple may either end up drilling holes in the display or use BM (Black Matrix) area within the display.

It is worth noting that Samsung has already patented such an approach. However, it remains unknown whether this is anything like what Apple is said to have up its sleeve.

Given the mixed track record of the publisher, you should take this report with a pinch of salt. It’d be better to wait and see how things turn out to be for the 2019 iPhone lineup.

via [ETNews]

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