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Add Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Using this Mod

Who does not want to have a smart device with the iconic Apple logo on its back? The Apple logo has definitely become a status symbol across the globe. On a MacBook, the Apple logo glows when you turn it on, however, on an iPhone or iPad, Apple should have made a better use of it by making it glowing one.

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Apple could have added a backlit Apple logo on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 to make it stand out. In the past, we have seen people voluntarily modifying their iPhones to make the Apple logo on the back of their smartphone glow. So, it definitely is possible to do with the latest crop of Apple devices and it does not have a huge impact on the battery life as well.

Well, fortunately, the same glowing Apple logo mod is available for both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. While the results are exactly what one can expect – a backlit Apple logo, the process, however, has become way more complex on the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The difficulty level has increased due to the glass construction and the limited internal space on these latest iPhone models.

Since Apple has switched to OLED display on the iPhone X, which means that Apple logo on the rear of this latest handset will only glow in red, green or blue color. On an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you can use a white LED to make the Apple logo glow because these models continue to feature an LCD display. Another advantage of getting a glowing Apple logo on an LCD iPhone is that the brightness of the Apple logo will change according to the level of brightness of your display.

There are two ways to achieve a glowing Apple logo on the back of an iPhone X or an iPhone 8/Plus; by replacing the rear glass with a clear Apple logo, or by using the original glass back but then you’ll have to cut through the metallic chassis of your iPhone. Both of these methods require a very high level of expertise and are not for the faint of heart.

Here is the video demonstrating how the glowing Apple logo mod can be achieved on an iPhone X or iPhone 8 and how does it look like:

Do keep in mind that glowing Apple logo on the back (especially on an iPhone X) have some unintended side effects. First, the glowing logo cannot be turned off once it is installed on your iPhone. Second, the reflection created by the glowing Apple logo will negatively impact the quality of the photos taken with the rear camera.

What do you think about this backlit Apple logo mod on an iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus? Would you want to make your Apple logo glow on the back of your iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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