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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Crushes iPhone X in LTE Speed Comparison

While Apple has launched its latest and greatest iPhone X with an LTE modem, but it lags behind in many advanced LTE features of the Android flagship devices available in the market. The most noticeable missing feature is the gigabit LTE network support. While those Android devices with gigabit LTE, such as Galaxy Note 8, are not going to get that much download speed in real life, it still put them ahead of iPhone X by providing faster download speed and network reception.

iphone x vs note 8 lte speed test

In an LTE speed test video posted by folks over at Booredatwork, the difference in download speed over the same LTE network reveal how inferior iPhone X’s baseband is compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The YouTube has put both the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 on T-Mobile network and tested LTE speed in both devices in New York and San Jose. You’d be surprised to see how staggering the speed difference is. In almost all scenarios, the Note 8 provided almost 2x faster download speed than the Apple iPhone X.

The first test, shown in the video, was conducted in New York under non-Gigabit LTE zone. In theory, in a non-gigabit LTE zone, the Galaxy Note 8 should not have an advantage over the iPhone X, but the results say otherwise. In the first non-gigabit LTE test, the iPhone X managed 29.73/43.84Mbps of download/upload speeds while the Galaxy Note 8 managed 101.44/42.38Mbps speed.

The second test was conducted in San Jose under gigabit LTE zone. Both flagship phones managed to post better download speeds. However, the Note 8 was still significantly faster at download speeds than the iPhone X. In this test, the Note 8 hit a Staggering 360Mbps download speed while the iPhone X could manage only 70Mbps.

While this test is not scientific, one can assume that a better LTE modem inside Note 8 not only helps it in getting higher download speed but also improved network reception. In the United States, Apple iPhone X is featuring an LTE modem manufactured by Intel while the Galaxy Note 8 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset that comes with X16 LTE modem.

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