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iPhone X Looks Amazing with this Transparent Rear Panel Mod

Apple latest iPhone X smartphone is a gorgeous device to own. Its bezel-less design, super Retina HD display covering the whole front, glass back and steel chassis makes it a beautiful smartphone. The guys behind EverythingApplePro on YouTube has taken things to the next level by giving their iPhone X a totally transparent rear panel treatment.

iphone x transparent rear mod

Once he turns the original back glass of the iPhone X into a transparent rear panel, one can see the internal hardware of the device in its full glory. The wireless charging coil, dual-cell battery, shielding layer the protects various PCB components are all in view after the implementation.

This transparent rear panel mod for iPhone X does not involve any third-party solution. Rather the YouTuber has modified the original iPhone X rear panel and removed the black panel coating with the help of sharp objects and knives.

The video maker goes into greater details revealing how he achieved the transparent back for its iPhone X and you can do the same by following his instructions. But beware, such stuff is not newbie friendly and may not only end up damaging your smartphone, it will effectively void your device’s warranty. You will also end up losing the IP67 water-proofing of your device. But you manage to complete the process without any damaging, you’ll have one-of-a-kind iPhone X in your circle.

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