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Renders show how an iPhone X+ and iPhone XS might look like

With iPhone X, Apple introduced an all-new edge-to-edge display design which is a radical shift from its traditional aluminium design. With this new design introductions, sooner or later, the company will switch its entire iPhone lineup to the new edge-to-edge display design. When that time comes, Apple will have to revisit the design for its 5.5-inch, 4.7-inch and the smaller 4.0-inch display.

iphone xl render

CURVED Labs have envisioned how Apple’s future iPhone lineup might look like. They have posted a video showing off iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone X PLus mocking a bezel-free design just like the current iPhone X. The video also suggests that with the design switch, Apple would end up renaming iPhone SE to the iPhone XS. Since the overall form factor is very compact in the new design, the iPhone XS would end up replacing the current 4.-7-inch iPhone 8.

After the iPhone XS, there’s the current iPhone X with a 5.8-inch display. Finally, the video shows iPhone X+ with a much larger display than the iPhone X. The much larger display earned the device its ‘Plus’ moniker. Since the iPhone X+is going to be a much larger device, we can expect it to hold more battery juice than the other siblings.

If Apple ever plans to release larger and smaller siblings of iPhone X, we can expect the larger ‘Plus’ variant to become reality in near future, however, the smaller iPhone XS might take its own sweet time to materialise. However, we are sceptical about the iPhone XS because a bezel-less design means there won’t be enough space available to hold the new internals such as dual-camera setup and Face ID as envisioned in the renders. Such smaller won’t be able to house a battery sufficient enough to power the hardware for a whole day.

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Let me know when you will be coming out with the 10 plus or c plus comes out

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