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iOS 11.1 Features: What’s New in iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1 features – what’s new and changed: Apple has released the iOS 11.1 to the registered iOS developers. With iOS 11.1 software update, Apple is aiming to bring minor improvements, few small new features, and improvements to the overall experience of the mobile operating system on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

ios 11.1 features - what's new

Here we are going to talk about all the new iOS 11.1 features. We will update this post with new features as soon as more beta versions come out because Apple adds more features with every latest beta release. So bookmark this page and come back later.

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iOS 11.1 New Features

Here is a detailed rundown of almost any iOS 11.1 features that have been discovered so far.

New Emoji Characters

One of the prominent new features of iOS 11.1 is the addition of 70+ new Unicode 10 Emoji characters. These new Emojis include new food types, animal characters, mythical creatures, clothing options, gender-neutral characters, smiley with more expressions, and much more.

ios 11.1 emojis


new features of iOS 11.1 related to photos include:

  • Fixes slow playback of Live photos.
  • Fixes the bug that prevented some photos to appear under people album when after restoring from an iCloud backup.
  • Fixes that bug that made some photos to appear blurry.
  • Fixes sluggish performance when swiping between screenshots.


iOS 11.1 brings the following Accessibility related improvements and fixes:

  • VoiceOver access to multiple pages of a PDF has been improved.
  • Improved braille support for grade 2 input.
  • Fixes and improvements related to VoiceOver:
    • Alternate keys would not display with touch typing
    • rotor would not delete messages
    • rotor would return to default action in Mail
    • improved announcement of incoming notifications
    • improved rotor actions when removing an app from multitasking

New iOS 11.1 Features found in Beta 5

The official change-log says that the fifth beta of iOS 11.1 software update includes bug fixes and performance improvements over the previous beta releases.

iOS 11.1 New Features in Beta 3

The following new features have been found inside the third beta of iOS 11.1:

  • A recently revealed KRACK Wi-Fi exploit has been patched.
  • Fix for frame rate related issue with 3D Touch quick actionWidgets and Notifications are now accessible via Reachability, and Haptic feedback return when an incorrect passcode is entered
  • Widgets and Notifications are now accessible via ReachabilityHaptic feedback return when an incorrect passcode is entered.
  • The return of Haptic feedback upon entering an incorrect passcode.

What’s new in iOS 11.1 Beta 2

The second beta of iOS 11.1 gets quite a number of new features and improvements. The prominent ones are the inclusion of hundreds of new emojis and the return of 3D Touch multitasking gesture.  The Emergency SOS feature has seen enhancements. The iOS 11.1 beta 2 also brings some noticeable bug fixes. Here are the new features of iOS 11.1 beta 2:

  • The second beta of iOS 11.1 brings hundreds of new Unicode 10 emoji characters to iOS devices.
  • Apple has reintroduced the 3D Touch Multitasking gesture that allows you to switch between apps by force pressing the left side of the screen.
  • The Reachability bug found in iOS 11.1 beta 1 has been fixed!
  • Tweaked preferences of the Emergency SOS feature. You can now disable the Countdown sound.
  • Fixed: Portrait camera lags on iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Smoother animations with minor speed improvements.

ios 11.1 features emoji

iOS 11.1 Beta 1 New Features

The following new features have been found in the first beta of iOS 11.1 software update:

  • AssistiveTouch now gets 3D Touch support and give the feeling of a real button.
  • AssistiveTouch gets new interactions
  • Updated icons for AssitiveTouch.
  • New icons for iBooks tab bar.
  • You can now experience a new animation when you open the camera from the Lock Screen.
  • Apple has made the unlocking animation a bit faster.
  • In Safari, the animation has been updated when you tap on the status bar to go to the top.
  • iOS 11.1 now gives you more emoji suggestions. The emojis are also slightly rearranged.
  • Quick switching gets Tweaked animation.
  • New camera icon under Privacy app and Restricted settings.
  • Many blank spaces removed from the Settings app.
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