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Speed Test: iOS 11 Beta 9 vs iOS 10.3.3

The Current latest beta version of iOS 11 is beta 9 which is available to iOS developers only. The 9th beta of the iOS11 is highly likely to be the last one before the company releases the final version to the masses on September 12 when the company is going to unveil its latest iPhone hardware.

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Are you curious to know how good the performance of iOS 11 beta 9 is compared to the current final iOS 10.3.3 available to the public? Hit the jump to see how fast the iOS 11 beta 9 is as compared to the stable iOS 10.3.3.

A Youtube who goes by the ID iAppleBytes has compared the speed of both the iOS 11 beta nine and iOS 10.3.3 on a set of older devices including iPad Air, iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 5s.

The iOS 11 beta 9 vs. iOS 10.3.3 comparison video shows that the boot time of the devices running iOS 11 beta 9 is slower than those rocking the stable iOS 10.3.3. However, when it comes to launching applications, the iOS 11 beta outperforms iOS 10.3.3 in both the opening times and app animations. The latest iOS 11 beta is even faster than the previous beta releases.

The performance difference in most of the benchmarks between devices running stable and beta version falls within 1-2% difference which is well within the margin of error. Therefore, based on this comparison, one should not expect some magical speed on the older devices running iOS 11 than what they are currently running.

The final version of iOS 11 is still left to see the light of the day which means there remains a possibility of iOS 11 seeing a wee bit of improvement in overall performance. Since iOS 11 is more about new features such as new Control Center, smarter Siri, a merger of Lock screen and Notification Center, and other underlying changes, we should not expect substantial performance improvements.

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