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iPhone 8 Plus Split Open Itself While on Charge, Claims User

It was only last week when Apple’s latest iPhone 8 Plus official went on sale across various countries. As soon as the devices started delivering to the buyers, some users complained that they received defective units of the new handset. One such user from Taiwan claimed that his iPhone 8 Plus split open itself across the edges while on charge. The user further added that he was using official charger and Lightning cable to charge the cell phone.

iphone 8 plus split open

The photo shared by the user shows that the battery inside the device had swollen to an extent that the frame split open itself. Something similar happened to a buyer in Japan who seemingly received his iPhone 8 Plus in similar condition. When the Japanese buyer unboxed the unit, the device was split open inside the retail packaging.

While the facts related to these two incidents remain unknown to us but such cases may turn out to be a bad PR for Apple in the coming days. However, in most of such cases, users usually try to charge the device with third-party chargers, leading the battery cells to swell resulting in damaging the device. We have seen cases of fires and minor device explosions in the past due to the use of 3rd-party iPhone chargers. However, the user in current case claims that he was using an official charger.

Apple has not yet issued any statement on the matter, but she cannot afford to keep mum for too long. While some media outlets are portraying it as an explosion, but the images show no burn marks whatsoever. We will have to wait a few more days to see how these events unfold.

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