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Wireless charging component meant for iPhone 8 / 7s Leaked in Photos

Almost every report and rumor related to iPhone 8 hinted at wireless charging becoming a standard feature across all the upcoming iPhone models. Now a newly leaked photo has appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly giving us the very first look at the wireless charging component that could possibly be used by Apple in its upcoming iPhone models.

iphone wireless charging

Two separate images have appeared on the Chinese social media networks. One of these images shows the alleged wireless charging circuitry laid out on a plastic tray. While the other displays a printed circuit board giving us a good idea of what to expect.

Lack of any Apple branding on either of these images leaves a fair bit of doubt about the authenticity of these images. However, since many reports and rumors have mentioned the introduction of wireless charging feature in iPhone 7s/Plus and iPhone 8, this leak cannot be ruled out completely.

Some of the reports have indicated the Apple won’t enable wireless charging on iPhone 8 at its launch. Instead, the feature will become usable with the release of iOS 11.1 software update. This won’t be the first time company introducing a feature at launch and enabling it at a later time. We have seen such treatment with Portrait Mode of the iPhone 7 Plus which was enabled with the release of iOS 10.1 software update.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of the KGI Securities, Apple will shift to glass back body for all the upcoming iPhone models in order to accommodate WPC standard wireless charging. He further added that the wireless accessory will not come bundled with the device and will be sold separately.

iphone wireless charging

Initially, it was believed that Apple was testing a long-range wireless charging technology for the new iPhone models. However, the technology is said to be not ready for the prime time and could take company some more time for perfection.

Making use of Qi inductive charging on all the next-generation iPhone models could mean that 3rd party Qi chargers may also support wireless charging feature of these models, however, it can only be confirmed after the official launch of the devices.

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