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iOS 11 to bring pause and resume video recording capability to Camera app

Despite being one of the best-operating systems available for smartphones, iOS on iPhone and iPad still lacks some common features. Pause and Resume capability while recording a video is one such feature. The iPhone and iPad users still cannot pause and resume while shooting a video. However, an iOS developer who goes by the name Daniel Niyazov notes that Apple may address this glaring omission in coming weeks.

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Last week, Daniel Niyazov tweeted a screenshot of a snippet of code showing Pause and Resume capabilities available in Apple’s camera framework. It remains unclear whether the feature is related to an unreleased hardware (iPhone 8?) or if the older iPhone models also support it.

previously, the same developer revealed that his analysis of the HomePod firmware shows that Apple could use 3D facial scanning to authenticate Apple Pay transactions. While he also found references of iPhone 8’s front-facing camera capable of capturing 4K videos at 60fprs, the developer has advised to not count on that because it’s highly unlikely.

It’s annoying to not have the ability of pause a video during shooting and resume it with a tap. With the Pause and Resume feature of the Camera app, users will be able to create one continuous video with many different scenes without any need to capture them separately and then joining them with the help of a video editing app.

This is one of the basic feature available on any camcorder out there in the wild and a must-have feature for any iPhone photography fan. The lack of support in Apple’s flagship smartphone is not less than a surprise.

While Apple has not provided Pause and Resume feature in its software, the hardware does have this capability as evident from some of the camera apps available in the App Store. VideoCam+ can pause and resume video shooting and a jailbreak tweak called RecordPause also adds the Pause and Resume capability to the stock Camera app.

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