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Apple Pay Cash may require Person ID scanning for transfers

Apple officially unveiled its next major software update iOS 11 at WWDC 2017. With this software update, Apple Pay also gets the impending peer-to-peer payments and Apple Pay Cash transfers.

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Now a discovery inside the iOS 11 beta 7 made by iHelp BR reveals that Apple may be implementing an additional security layer to prevent kids from online scams or making unintended cash transfers.  There are references found inside the 7th beta of iOS 11 hinted at scanning of both the front and back of a card. That includes some forms of identifications such as driver’s license.

If the iOS 11 fails to verify the identification, the iOS may block the user from making peer-to-peer transfers through Apple Pay Cash.

If Apple ends up introducing the hinted feature in the final release of iOS 11, it could be just an additional step towards making Apple Pay Cash payment more secure and avoid scams or other unintended cash transfers.

There is also a reference found inside 7th beta of iOS 11 where Apple notes that the Apple Cash Pay works best with debit cards. That could be an effort on Apple’s part to keep users from using credit cards as a 3% fee for person-to-person transfer is charged for that.

Apple is all set to release the final version of iOS 11 to the general public in September along with the unveiling of 2017 iPhone models.

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