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A11 Chipset meant for iPhone 8 Leaks in Photos

As the official unveiling of the iPhone 8 is getting closer, the hardware components of the said device have started to leak on regular basis. Yesterday, we wrote about the leaked wireless charging component of the iPhone 8 and today a new leak is giving us the very first glimpse of the Apple A11 chipset. The Apple A11 chipset is expected to power company’s upcoming iPhone 8 model.

apple a11 chipset

Since there is no evidence to back this fresh leak, so you better take it with a pinch of salt. While the leaked images are blurry, the first image still manages to clearly show the A11 marking alongside the customary Apple logo.

The source of these images remains a mystery, but there’s a possibility of such images leaking from an assembly unit of Apple’s prime supply chain partner Foxconn. For manufacturing of A11 chipset, Apple has an exclusive contract with TSMC this year. TSMC is using a 10-nm FinFET manufacturing process for these A11 chipsets. And as one can expect, the processor inside this new chipset will be more powerful and efficient than the A10 chipset found inside current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung role in the manufacturing process of these chipsets will reportedly begin next year when some of the A11 manufacturing responsibility will shift from TSMC to Samsung. However, there is no confirmation of this as of yet and reports regarding Samsung and Apple relationship have been conflicting due to which one can not say anything conclusive at this point.

iPhone 8 won’t be the only device to get A11 chipset, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s will also get the same component. Other than the A11 chipset, Apple’s much-hyped iPhone 8 model is expected to come in an all-glass design to support wireless charging feature. Other than that an all-new facial scanning tech is rumored to replace the current fingerprint scanner (Touch ID).

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