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iPhone 8 Renders Based Off Finalised Hardware Design Look Impressive

Last few months have been full of reports and rumors related to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. The rumor mill has been in full swing on what Apple has planned for the iPhone 8, what new features it’s gonna get, and created all the controversy around the Touch ID sensor.

iphone 8 render 1

A new set of renders shared by Forbes is alleged created based off the finalized hardware design. These renders are created based on the information provided tot he Forbes by case maker Nodus, which claims it to be the finalized hardware design for the flagship smartphone. The result of these renders looks gorgeous and includes some features that we have been hearing in lots of reports and rumors.

The renders depict a 5.8-inch larger OLED display and bezels measuring at around 4mm on either side of the display making the device look gorgeous. The most note worthy aspect of these renders is the placement of Touch ID sensor. In Forbes’ renders, it has been moved to the sleep/wake button on the side of the device. However, of all the rumors, Apple moving Touch ID to the Power/sleep button is the least likely to happen.

iphone 8 render2

At the top of the display, there is a visible cut out taking he top-center portion of the display where the sensors for the FaceTime and the status bar will reside. This move resulted in reducing the overall space required above the iPhone’s display. This design change has been rumored over and over so we can assume it to be accurate.

There still is a possibility that some or even most of the features shown in these renders may turn out to be inaccurate. But, if we ignore that for now, the renders truly show a stunning iPhone model. Apple is widely speculated to unveil iPhone 8 in September. It is expected to be the most expensive iPhone the company has launched to date.

iphone 8 render3

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