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iOS 11 Camera app can Directly scan QR Codes

Apple not only announced iOS 11 during the WWDC 2017 keynote, the company also released the first beta of iOS 11 to the developers for testing. Now it has been discovered that the iOS Camera app will finally be able to scan QR codes starting with iOS 11. Prior to that, users have to use a third-party QR scanning application to scan QR codes on their iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch.

With the launch of iOS 11, the default Camera app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will be able to scan QR codes natively. Some of those users who opted to test iOS 11 beta 1, have shared a look at the feature in action which appears to be pretty straight forward.

All you need to do is; open the Camera app, point it towards the QR code that you want to scan, and an interactive dropdown notification will appear.

Twitter handles that go by the name @daytonlowell and @theronster have shared some example of QR code scanning with iOS 11 Camera app:

qr code scanning ios 11

The above examples demonstrate joining a Wi-Fi network or adding someone to your contacts list simply by scanning a QR code with the stock Camera app on iOS 11. We expect the Camera app on iOS 11 will be able to scan any opportunities currently offered by the QR code technology.

By default the QR code scanning feature in enabled in iOS 11. However, the company has given users to enable or disable it with a toggle switch with the Camera section of the Settings app. We are covering iOS 11 features in greater details, to stay up to date please follow our dedicated iOS 11 page.

If you wanna try iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch, First, check if iOS 11 compatible devices list and then follow our guide on how to install iOS 11 beta without a developer account.

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