Apple HomePod Features, Specs, and Price

Apple Announces the HomePod Smart Speaker for $349

Apple announced iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra during its WWDC 2017. Along with these new operating systems, the company also unveiled a brand new product called “HomePod” and took the new responsibility of delivering music to your home with this new product.

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HomePod is a wireless speaker which is intelligent enough and uses the technology similar to AirPods. But it is more advanced in both software and hardware. HomePod is composed of 7 beam-forming tweeter array, for sound quality, each beam has its own amplifier and a 4-inch up-facing subwoofer system that gives clear bass without any distortion.

This HomePod is more advanced than another kind of speakers. HomePod speaker is intelligent enough because of its sound awareness technology. It can detect whether it is near or against the walls it adjusts the output of sound according to the situation the situation that most of the sound spread in the wide area instead of the congested area near the wall. Apple calls it “Spatial Awareness”

If you want to increase your fun, get a pair of HomePods in the same house settings. The advanced A8 chip used in it enable the both HomePods to work with collaboration and deliver richer sound with extra quality. HomePod consists of 6 omnidirectional microphones, which makes it a good ‘Hey Siri’ listener that it understand what are you saying.

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It’s easy to speak to you HomePod and no matter how close you are standing with HomePodes, it can hear you even when louder music is playing. When you use the Hey Siri function, a waveform appears at the top of devices, just like on your other Apple devices, providing a nice visual any time you access the feature so you know it’s working.

It works With the Apple Music subscription, giving you access to over 40 million single songs. Thanks to its full Siri integration which allows you to grab critical info like:

  • Basic Siri queries
  • The latest news headlines
  • HomeKit controls
  • Access traffic, sports, weather & more.

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Like most of Apple Devices, queries of your HomePod Siri are also encrypted and sent to the server of Apple with unique Siri code instead of your personal information, by this, your privacy is protected and safe.

HomePod can pair with iPhone 5s or newer iPhone models running iOS 11. HomePod gives functionality as your AirPods do to you iPhone. What you have to do? You have to walk within HomePod’s range and your device will remember it and be connected with it.

The price of HomePod is $349. It will be available in space gray and white colors. In December they will be available for sale in Australia, UK, and the US and will be available in more countries earlier 2018.

Apple’s HomePod can turn out to be a good competitor of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Now. HomePod is a speaker not only for listening songs, they are like your home assistant which can control your HomeKits and answers the queries of Siri.

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