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‘Files’ app appears on the App Store ahead of iOS 11 announcement at WWDC today

Just a few hours before the WWDC 2017, a new app called ‘Files’ has somehow made its way on the iOS App Store. The app listing has nothing to provide and the screenshots section is also blank, but if the app name is anything to go by, it seems like Apple is planning to introduce a file manager app with iOS 11 this year.

iOS 11 Files App

The ‘Files’ app will only support iOS 11+ software version and is only compatible with 64-bit iOS devices. This further adds weight to the reports claiming that Apple is going to completely drop support for the 32-bit apps and devices with iOS 11 this year.

The apps like file manager usually come built-in with the operating system and Apple will likely pre-load the Files app with iOS 11. However, it’s listing on the App Store suggests that the fruit company will be pushing the updates for the Files app through the App Store.

The FileManager is an app that Android users have been enjoying since ages but Apple shied away from offering it with the iOS despite repeated requests from the advanced iPhone and iPad users. With iOS 11, it seems like the company is finally paying attention to the wishes of iOS users.

The File app will likely be able to give users access to their saved files, documents, photos, and videos. It won’t be exposing certain parts of the operating system to the users.

Apple was quick to remove the ‘Files’ app listing from the App Store which further hints towards and official unveiling later today.

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