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Google Assistant for iPhone Hits the App Store [Download]

While Apple loves to enjoy the complete control over its operating systems and also ensures that certain stock apps and features remain the default on all of its devices. Google has challenged that part of iOS mobile operating system by launching its digital personal Assistant ‘Google Assistant’ for iOS to take on Siri.

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During its 10th annual I/O conference, Google announced the availability of its Google Assistant application for iOS in the App Store. Rather than integrating Google Assistant in any of its existing Google experience on iOS such as Mail app, Google opted for launching its Assistant as a stand-alone downloadable app into the App Store.

While Google Assistant is available on iOS, it’s not as integrated as it is on Android. It is due to the platform limitations imposed by Apple and restricted API access that doesn’t allow deeper integration of 3rd-party solution in their mobile operating system.

With that being said, the iPhone users can enjoy the functionalities that Google Home and Android users enjoy. These functionalities include controlling home automation devices, TVs, lights, music systems, and other supported devices. Other than speaking, the users will also be able to type in their queries into Assistant.

The Google Assistant app for iOS is available for the iPhone and in the US region only. However, the company plans on launching it in Japanese, French, Brazillian, Italian, and other languages later this year.

Despite the limitations set by the operating system, the Google Assistant is far better than Siri when it comes to voice recognition and performing different tasks or responding to queries and it works with a lot more third-party apps and services out there.

Download: Google Assistant for iOS

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