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An alleged iPhone 8 Prototype Unit shown on the Video

An alleged iPhone 8 prototype has been shown on a video which has made its way to the internet. While there’s no way to verify the authenticity of this video, the prototype unit shown in the video does resemble what we have seen in different CAD design leaks and renders so far.

iphone8 function area

The alleged prototype unit of iPhone 8 shown in the video features much-rumored all-glass design, a vertically aligned dual camera setup on the backside of the device. The front of the device shown seems completely bezel-free featuring a 5.8-inch display inside a casing that is slightly larger than the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

There is no Touch ID sensor visible on the front and the back side of the device shown in the video, which means the alleged prototype has an in-display Touch ID. The Power button is elongated than the current iPhone models and the YouTuber says that it might be due to an integrated Touch ID within the power button – a plan B in case Apple fails to achieve mass production of Touch ID integrated within the display.

Since there’s no Apple logo on the rear side, the prototype seems to be made based on the renders and drawings leaked so far. While Apple has developed an in-house solution for the Touch ID integrated within the display of iPhone 8, the vendors reportedly are struggling to achieve acceptable yield rate for that component. Some other leaks suggested that Apple is working on a fingerprint sensor on the back of the iPhone 8 right below the Apple logo if its suppliers failed to produce Touch ID embedded within the display at a larger scale.

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone edition dubbed asiPhone 8 is widely expected to come in an all-glass design and stainless steel chassis. The device is said to look more like the Samsung Galaxy s8 and LG G6. The iPhone 8 would feature an OLEDdisplay, but not as curved as seen on the Galaxy S8. Other rumored iPhone 8 features include wireless charging, faster wired-charging, an all-new 3D selfies camera for facial recognition.

iPhone 8 is just a few months away from its official launch and it’s normal to see this many leaks related to world’s favorite smartphone to date. Not all of these leaks come from verified sources, so consume them with a pinch of salt.

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