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Touch ID to be Integrated Into iPhone 8 Display, Claims Report

Apple will be launching its highly anticipated 10th-anniversary edition iPhone widely dubbed as the ‘iPhone 8’ later this year. But leading up to that arrival, the iPhone community is being bombarded with reports and rumors related to the device and there is a lot of back-and-forths going on.


A curved display for the iPhone 8 has been the spotlight since the beginning of the rumors cycle for the device. This week, however, has mostly been about the fingerprint sensor of the device. Specifically, the topic of discussion remained about the location of the sensor. Back in February, a report claimed that Apple will be ditching Touch ID altogether in favor of facial recognition tech to cover up the security side of the device.

After that, there have been reports claiming that Apple will be shifting the Touch ID sensor on the back of the device as seen on many Android smartphones. Some reports suggested that the iPhone 8 will have a Touch ID integrated into the display and the lower part of the front-side will be used as a function area.

About a Touch ID integrated into the displays, some recent reports suggested that Apple might be facing production difficulties and the device may get delayed. As a backup plan, an alleged iPhone 8 schematics show that Apple is also testing an iPhone 8 variant with a Touch ID on the back of the device.

Every new report is contradicting the previous one and there yet to be found a consensus. Now a new report from iDropNews, based on its sources inside Foxconn, suggests that Apple is yet to finalize the design of the iPhone 8. The report further adds that Apple is currently testing two different prototypes, but the company is indeed leaning on launching the iPhone 8 with Touch ID integrated behind the display.

The new also adds that the iPhone 8 will come with 4mm bezels around “the entire edge of the display,” and screen will have “2.5D contoured glass.” The back of the device will also be using the same glass type. The front-facing camera will reportedly be “invisible,” and “hidden under the display.” The report also claims that the iPhone 8’s power button will “be a large power button featuring two points of contact.”

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